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NEWS FLASH-1! EBAY HACKED BY RUSSIAN HACKERS?: It strongly appears to us that Ebay is hacked by Russian hackers in some, if not all, of Ebay's browser platforms. Reason being that as an Ebay Seller (we sell only few of our Items on Ebay), when we complete the listing part that should allow Ebay Sellers to specify which foreign countries they are willing to ship to, we never specify, "Russian Federation". Yet, we when we log onto our Ebay Item webpage to do a Revise for our Item webpage, we find the Russian Federation box checked ON! And if we delete the Russian Federation check, it reappears when we log back onto our Ebay Item webpage again. Not only that, but when we add on an extra amount for all foreign shipping, when we log back onto our Ebay webpage, the extra amount is forcibly zeroed out by Ebay - meaning no extra charge if the Item is bought by someone in Russia. When we re-apply the charge, it is forcibly zeroed out again. Russian Buyers are apparently notorious for claiming that they never get the Item, resulting in automatic Ebay refunds, so Russia has a very strong motive for penetrating Ebay and forcily making Ebay Sellers ship to Russia. Ask yourself, why would Ebay's Russian Federation box consistently forcibly checked off against the Seller's intent, while other countries are not forcibly checked off? And ask yourself, if Ebay, with its 1,000s of computer programmers, Ebay is clearly so incompetent to allow this problem to exist, much less to persist, how safe is Ebay from being hacked by Russian hackers to steal YOUR Ebay personal data and YOUR Ebay financial data, whether you Buy or Sell on Ebay? And ask yourself, since Ebay knows or should know whether or not Russian hackers have hacked into Ebay, and thus control Ebay, why as an Ebay Seller or Ebay Buyer, Ebay has not informed YOU about it? Note that since Ebay also owns Paypal, we believe that Russian hackers have hacked into PayPal also (Ebay apparently promised to divest itself of PayPal in 2015, but it appears that Ebay still controls PayPal).

NEWS FLASH-2! EBAY ALLOWS KNOWN CROOKED EBAY BUYERS TO SELL ON EBAY - DRIVING UP SELLER PRICES!: Nov., 2016. This is a case where a crooked New Jersey Ebay buyer "bought" gym equipment from an Ebay Seller. The day after Thanksgiving, crooked Ebay buyer claimed that he had not received the Item. Because of the Holiday employee vacations and illnesses (crooks love to swindle businesses during the Holidays), Seller took several days to find the Postal Receipt with Tracking #, which absolutely proved that Ebay buyer had received the Item, and notified Ebay of the PO Tracking #. In the meantime, as fast as he could, crooked Ebay buyer put in an Ebay claim for refund and Ebay quickly refunded him. The day after the refund, Seller notified crooked Ebay buyer of the PO Tracking # and demanded that crooked Ebay buyer refund him Ebay's refund. Crooked Ebay buyer responded by refusing to refund Seller, and further accused Seller that the reason why Seller demanded payment for his Item was because he, the buyer, was a Muslim from the Mideast and the Seller was a "racist". Until then, Seller had no idea of crooked Ebay buyer's religion or "race", and neither was an issue to Seller. Seller filed complaints to Ebay about crooked Ebay buyer swindling him (each time providing Ebay the Tracking #), and then playing the race and religion cards to "justify" his swindle of Seller. A month later, crooked Ebay buyer is still an Ebay buyer in good standing with Ebay, likely swindling other Ebay Sellers, and Ebay warned the Seller that Ebay will punish him if he does not promptly pay for the swindles of future crooked Ebay buyers who "buy" from him. To make up for the current and future serious losses that Ebay forces upon its Sellers to "justify" outrageous Ebay fees, clearly typical of Ebay Sellers in general (Seller belongs to an Ebay Seller club), Seller was forced to jack up his prices of his Ebay Items (but not on his Items sold elsewhere). Buyer swindles is a big reason we find that the same Items on Ebay are usually much cheaper on Amazon.com. Recall, Ebay clearly has a long, sordid history of selling counterfeit, stolen and contaminated Items, and Ebay even lost a major lawsuit against it for the many frauds it clearly intentionally encourages. (First posted 12/27/16).

NEWS FLASH-3! EBAY & PAYPAL ALLOW USER USING FALSE IDENTITY!: Both Ebay and PayPal clearly state in their policies that account holders cannot use false identities. Ebay also clearly forbid in its policies counterfeiting and the selling (fencing) of stolen goods. Yet, clearly both Ebay and PayPal allow accounts that use false identities. And Ebay has a long and sordid history of counterfeits, fakes, unauthorized replicas, and stolen goods. Do a simple search on the Internet to verify this. We notified both Ebay and PayPal that one of their clients was using a false identity on his account, both just ignore us. We had to complain to the FTC and CFPB - still no word. (First posted 7/30/15).

This webpage includes Online Auction complaints and Online Auction lawsuits, which of course includes, but is not limited to, Ebay complaints / Ebay lawsuits, and Amazon.com complaints / Amazon.com lawsuits. All statements herein and on this website are our personal opinions. The reader decides for himself/herself as to whether or not any of these complaints and lawsuits are justified.

For reasons to avoid Online Auctions relevant to clearly very high risks of being infected by deadly diseases or pests, see our home page.

Because of high and escalating costs of travel, more people and businesses than ever engage in activities near home. More people are returning to their former home-based hobbies and crafts, such as electronics, to create fun and useful gadgets again. We have just the electronic parts, electronic test equipment, tools, special materials you need. Order from ABQ Techzonics Online from the comfort of your home today! Invest a little for electronic parts, etc. to create something really cool, useful and lasting, and to save money repairing your electronic equipment.

Proudly create devices you can use and/or sell at profit to help offset your huge increases in energy and food costs - even devices to reduce your energy costs and increase your security. Or take up an exciting, creative and challenging electronics hobby. Or you and your child do a Science Fair or science class project together.

Are you looking for a technical position or advancement? Now is the time to bolster your technical skills. Creating cool electronic devices you can demonstrate for your (prospective) employer and colleagues should help you get that special position or keep your present one, or create or improve your own business. With the economic crunch, more people will repair their broken or older electronic equipment instead of tossing them - likely resulting in great opportunities for those with the electronic parts, equipment and savvy to repair tech items. Technically smart and creative? Then flaunt your stuff!

Major Disadvantages of Buying from Online Auction Sites

The most well-known corporate Online auction websites are Ebay and Amazon.com, but there are others. We are just the messenger for the reasons listed below why corporate Online auction sites today are major risks and aggravations for both Buyers and Sellers. Deal with corporate Online auction sites, and some will regularly swindle you. Online search reveals 1,000s of complaints against them, which you can easily verify for yourself by simply using Online search engines, so you know they are ripping off both Buyers and Sellers wholesale. And we have our own 10+ years of bad Ebay experiences as evidence, many current and former Ebay Sellers are very upset with Ebay, check out their complaints. We believe that while Ebay worked well for over a decade, its increasingly serious flaws became intolerable. We also tried Amazon.com, and found that it too had some serious flaws, some of which appeared to also be intentional. Corporate Online auction sites and mall sites are clearly no longer new, fashionable, cost effective, safe, honest, simple and easy-to-use or interesting - the heyday of Online auction sites and Online malls are over. We believe Yahoo! saw this coming when it dropped its auction site in June, 2007 - else clearly Yahoo! would have expanded its Online auction site instead. Please bookmark, print out and inform your family, friends and associates about this webpage - everyone you know who shops on Online auction sites or Online mall sites.

Note that on our webpages, we of ABQ Techzonics state and honor, "USA site - No cookies - No spyware - No adware - No trojans - No viruses - No worms - No spam - No pop-ups - We Respect Your Privacy - We do NOT Monitor Your Shopping nor Track You Online, nor Share Your Data". The common practice of corporate Online auction sites (e.g. Ebay, and Amazon.com) is to "rip-off", sell and distribute to their "global partners" (often located in China, India, Japan, Mideastern countries, Russia, Eastern European countries - the Government - and every hacker in the world who has penetrated their systems) your personal and private data, which not only include your shopping habits and whatever other websites you go to, but just about everthing else personal and private about you they can obtain. Your shopping and website visiting habits strongly infer what your other habits, religious beliefs, political beliefs, interests and intentions are, and the activities, situations and problems you experience. Most people do not realize just how risky and dangerous these corporate auction practices are to them and their families because they allow practically everyone from the NSA to Al Quida to major criminal organizations to victimize people abusing the data they gathered on you. Today, when you spend time on your favorite Online auction site looking for items, and then when you go to your favorite social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you will see ads blasted at you for the same items and types of items you just viewed on your auction site. While some may consider that to be a big convenience, consider that Online auction site anti-privacy practices can get your identity stolen, your bank account cleaned out, your home invaded or burglarized, you become robbed or swindled, and you can even be assaulted or killed.

To become a corporate Online auction site Buyer or Seller, the site requires you to divulge all kinds of personal and private information about yourself. Personal and private information that the corporate auction site can profitably sell or distribute to its numerous and unknown "global partners". Their "global partners" keep constant track of your 'buying habits' and other sites you visit. And when you visit their websites, they load up your computer with all kinds of Internet tracking cookies (i.e. spyware) and perhaps other malware - they totally invade your privacy! Note that not only do the big corporate Online auction sites intentionally and continuously mine, monitor and distribute your personal and private data, but just in the process of you logging onto their popular sites, you activate similar privacy-stealing software from hackers who have attached their software in swarms to the links and log-ins to these Online auction sites.

If you were in a mall and a mall official followed you around to every store you shopped, looked over your shoulder, recorded everything on a clipboard you looked at or bought, and informed you that he/she was going to sell your personal and private data to his/her "global partners," claiming that he/she is doing you a big fat favor to help direct more relevant ads to you, would you not be upset and outraged? Then why should you tolerate Online corporate auction sites and online mall sites officials to do that very same thing to you through their tracking cookies, spyware and other malware! Why should you buy or sell at a company which disrespects, exploits and endangers you and your loved ones. As long as your intentions are legal, your payment doesn't bounce, you don't attempt to injure and are of no threat to anyone, ABQ Techzonics considers you to be a GOOD CUSTOMER, and we do not care who you are - your business is your business. ABQ Techzonics does not sell nor distribute its mailing lists nor personal information of its Good Customers to anyone, never places malware on your computer (not even cookies), has no "global partners", and would never voluntarily provide your personal and private data to any government agency.

The policy of ABQ Techzonics is that whatever you buy from ABQ Techzonics is your business and your business alone. If you intend to use any item you find on ABQ Techzonics for an illegal, unethical or immoral purpose, do not obtain that item from ABQ Techzonics. Many of the items we sell on ABQ Techzonics are controversial but all are legal to the best of our knowledge. And many, if not most, items in general have both legal and illegal uses. For example, a hammer can be used to drive nails or to bludgeon someone. Just by being a buyer from any store or auction site with no or laughable privacy protections, you leave yourself vulnerable for officials in the future banning items you bought, seeking out lists of item buyers from the major stores and auction sites - often just by buying the lists from them - and then rounding up, arresting and prosecuting those on their lists of purchasers of the item or similar items. We believe that a time will come when many Americans will be targeted enmasse and even rounded up because their personal and private information was compromised by large corporate stores and Online auction sites. It is already well-known that our Government - and unfriendly countries and terrorist organizations - now especially target survivalists and preppers (a "prepper" is a survivalist preparing to survive after the system collapses due to manmade and/or natural causes). For example, if you buy a water purification system from a corporate auction site or store, your purchase will be noted not only by the Government but by all these other even less friendly groups who view you as a possible threat to their future plans.

The compromising of your personal and private information is not only widespread but hurts you and your family in ways that you may not realize or realize too late for you to do anything about. For example, people who bid on Online auctions have noticed that other bidders seem to know what their maximum bids are, which are supposed to be top secret, and then bid just underneath that so the auctions close with them "winning" auctions at their highest bids - the other "psychic" bidders are likely the Sellers themselves or shills associated with the Sellers. That's because your "secret bids" are not a secret to those who have immediate access to your data. Since data transfers these days are virtually instantaneous, this applies even if you snipe bid seconds before the auctions close.

CORPORATE ONLINE AUCTION SITES ARE OFTEN NO BARGAIN: While many Items on Online auction sites are the cheapest you can find anywhere else; however, when you factor in Seller S/H, this percentage drops substantially. As a Buyer, you no doubt have already discovered that the TOTAL AMOUNT you end up paying for an Online auction Item is often close to or above what you can buy the same Item for retail down the street! It didn't used to be this way. Why? Because these days corporate Online auction sites charge their Sellers very high fees and impose costly inconveniences and allow so much swindling and counterfeiting to go on - all of which the Buyer pays for. We recently did a study and found that about 17% of all new Items we ran into on a popular corporate Online auction site actually end up costing you more than if you bought the Items new in retail stores, and about another 72% end up costing at least 85% of retail store bought Items - not a bargain when you discover how difficult it is to return Items bought from Online auctions and malls. However, we found that 94% of Items we can buy at flea markets and garage sales, which also sell on Online auction sites, are at least 20% cheaper than their Online auction prices (S/H included), 46% are at least 50% cheaper, and 16% are at least 80% cheaper. ABQ Techzonics is a small business, and while we try to price our Items substantially lower than do Online auctions, many of our Items cannot be found on Online auctions and sometimes unknown to us prices change substantially, so sometimes we may overprice an Item. However, when we overprice an Item, please let us know, WE WILL GLADLY NEGOTIATE a new, lower price with our customer if he/she can document others are selling it for lower prices (including their and our S/H because some Sellers sell at low prices plus very high S/H). Corporate Online auctions seldom permit price negotiations between Buyers and Sellers. The moneysaving lesson here is: Check with us before considering buying from any Online auction and buy from us IF you find our price is the same or lower; but if our price is higher, try to negotiate with us for a lower price.

Also, much of the "competition" you see on corporate Online auctions is not real competition. Today, many Items sold are made in or controlled by one country, a country which strictly controls all of its industries. They then flood the auction's offerings for the Item by using a myriad of Online auction IDs and schemes to offer the same or very similar Items in different ways, but no matter who you buy it from, at most you save only a few dollars. Some of their puppet Sellers will have low prices but high S/H, while others will have high prices but low/free S/H - all to confuse, frustrate and exasperate Buyers looking for real bargains tediously trying to sort through several, if not dozens, of essentially duplicate offers.

One of the big disadvantages of corporate Online auction sites is that they charge fees - high and escalating fees - some for both listing and selling. All of these high Seller fees must be passed on to Buyers by all Sellers who need to make a profit. Just to stay in business, we had to charge more on Ebay than what we would have liked because of the high cash fees we constantly paid even on our items that didn't sell, and these fees left us little room to offer special sales, substantially negotiate prices and S/H, and consider special deals, combined purchases and bartering transactions with our many regular good customers.

Another big disadvantage is that the Seller reaches a point that the corporate Online auction site has preempted so much of the control over his/her own business that the auction site itself increasingly becomes the real owner of the business - using each business as one its cash cows, while assuming no responsibility for the business. One example, most Online auction sites don't allow the listing of certain Items based on the site's politically-correct agenda. While some Items we can't list because they are illegal to list, we are NOT constrained by a politically-correct agenda. Another thing that Ebay does is that it rates Sellers harshly based on "communications", which sounds good but is actually oppressive of small Sellers. These days, many people are ultra-impatient, and expect email or text responses to their emails or texts - regardless of when they send them - within an hour or they complain that you don't communicate well. Small businesses simply cannot afford to have workers constantly monitoring emails and texts, so sometimes responses can take 12+ hours. This is also very hypocritical of Ebay since Ebay itself is almost impossible to communicate with using emails or texts - no direct support line, at least not ones known or provided to Ebay Sellers of Buyers. For support, you can call Ebay - if you like talking to someone with an Indian or other foreign accent with apparently no authority to do anything whatsoever, nor creating a written record of your conversation that you can later refer to and that Ebay can easily deny the contents of. And what if you are deaf or hard of hearing? In addition, while Ebay may freely record your phone calls to it, in some states, it is illegal for you to record phone conversations without the explicit permission of both parties, which then clearly amounts to an unfair business practice by Ebay.

Some falsely believe that as an Online Buyer or Seller, Online corporate auction sites and malls protect them. Some of these Online sites force you to do business only through their own "bank," which kickbacks much of its fees it charges YOU to the Online mall or auction site - they get you coming and going! Often nickel and diming you into poverty. As a Seller, many "Buyers" don't pay, the Online auction site puts you through the grinder trying to recover your sales fees, the auction site then allows the "Buyer" to leave you negative feedback - even though "Buyer" never paid for the Item AND Ebay denies you to leave negative feedback on the "Buyer" - the "Buyer" cheat you and you get the negative feedback! Also, unless their "bank" (i.e. PayPal for Ebay) is happy with your proof of shipment (it doesn't accept Custom receipts as proof), the Buyer can complain that he/she never got the Item and their "bank" fully refunds Buyer. As Buyer, if the Seller rips you off and you return the Item, and you ask their "bank" to force a refund, all their "bank" has to do is to claim that the Seller has insufficient funds, and you lose every dime of your purchase. In one case, a Buyer in his complaint to the auction site-owned "bank" clearly stated that he had received the Item, and the "bank" still refunded him because the Seller had no Postal proof of shipping the Item. It is our belief that these corporate auction site and mall "banks" routinely lie to and rip-off both Sellers and Buyers to outright steal money. If you have ever experienced this outright fraud - NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THE CROOKS AGAIN!

All Buyers want an honest and simple system of efficiently finding Items and then buying them at reasonable costs. They do not want to have to deal with a complex system which requires them to register and provide them their Moneygram, bank account and other personal data, and then badgers them constantly with ads, emails, arbitrary, capricious and frivolous time-consuming demands, feedback responses, etc. Nor a system where a Search can require combing through 100s - even 1,000s (e.g. 425,000 sports card auctions on a major Online auction site!) - of similar Items to find even one that matches what they want in Item make, model, description, price, S/H and Seller. Nor a search system which requires them to configure a complex Boolean algebra search equation to optimally search for every sought Item if they even hope to narrow down the finds to a manageable amount to manually search through out of the 100,000s - millions of total Items in the auction site pot, 99% having nothing to do with sought Item. Nor a system where every Seller uses a different format, where every Item requires combing through lists and going to a different webpage, and where every purchase requires a separate search, purchase, transaction, payment, accounting and tracking. Furthermore, many Online auction Sellers describe things so confusingly, deceptively, incompletely and/or incorrectly that Buyers are often misled or confused about what they are actually buying. For example, how many Online auction sales (especially electronics) have you seen where the pig-in-a-poke Seller doesn't list and refuses to describe upon inquiry all the items in the container of items he/she sells? Makes us believe that much of what Online auctions sell is stolen and counterfeit merchandise, inferior and defective merchandise, and/or phonied-up near-worthless trash. In fact, one major corporate Online auction site apparently sells so much counterfeit goods that it is sued by major corporations - yet today this same major corporate auction site still continues to stifle its own user's complaints about inferior, defective and counterfeit merchandise being sold on its site. No mystery why Buyers today are migrating away from the old, stale, slow, cumbersome, costly, dishonest, privacy-invading, inefficient and bureaucratic corporate Online auction sites to the newer and fresher Online Superstores such as our ABQ Techzonics Superstore.

AUCTION SITE MALWARE ALERT: Even if an Online auction site is itself rated as "safe" by your antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-root kit programs and by Google or other search engine, the images and links carried by some of their various global Sellers and "global partners" may be infected with malware - click to enlarge any of their images or click on any of their website links and your computer may automatically get infected! Prove to yourself: When you click to enlarge one of their images or website URL links, look at the image or website URL in your browser's Title Bar, and then check out their URL. With ABQ Techzonics, you deal with only one Seller - us. And because popular Online auction sites and their countless "global partners" carry member credit and debit card, SSN and other personal data, hacking attempts by numerous global hackers are constantly being launched against them, and against their members as they log into their Online auction accounts, and are often successful. ABQ Techzonics does not have any customer database on any computer linked to the Internet - no one can hack into any ABQ Techzonics customer database. And while corporate Online auction sites will routinely infect your computer with computer viruses, trojans, adware, keystroke reporters, surveillance/tracking, and other malware, we at ABQ Techzonics will NEVER download malware onto your computer - WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY.

The amount of garbage code major Online corporate auction sites dump onto your computer and phone from the minute you log ON until you log OFF is astronomical! This sickening memory- and speed-killing computer garbage YOU must regularly clean up yourself on your system - a tedious time-costly effort. Verify this yourself by first cleaning out all of your temporary files, run your browser, then log onto a major corporate auction site, then immediately log off without doing anything and close your browser, then view the large amount of "temporary file" and malware garbage that the auction site just dumped onto your computer for YOU to clean up - even when you have not done a single thing on their auction site! These Online corporate auction site temporary files often multiply to orders of magnitude from their initial defecation onto your system if you actually use the Online auction site. One session on a corporate auction site these days can typically result in 100s of malware files dumped onto your system. No doubt you've also noticed how your system substantially slows down the longer you stay on the corporate auction site, the more you do, and after you log off the auction site (especially infecting your system with multiple tracking cookies each tracking everything you do). Not all of this malware originates from the corporate auction site itself because these popular sites are also popular to hackers who love to hitchhike their malware - some of it very dangerous malware - on all who visit them. Now do this same experiment with ABQ Techzonics. The only temporary files you will then find are the handful generated by your browser and system themselves as ABQ Techzonics respects its customers and NEVER deposits cookies, spyware or any other malware on your computer or phone system.

We are now very disgusted and disheartened with Ebay, our opinions: Ebay's new display format is 4-5 times slower on average than even Ebay's previous sluggish display format. We complained by both email and phone - fell on deaf ears - Google this problem and you will find a huge outrage by Ebayers about Ebay's new display format. Ebay took away the "*" wildcard, which often makes it very hard to search for things with the same core characters but with multiple suffixes, for example, electronic parts.

Ebay made its Feedback system into a weighted system, thus invalidating it of any statistical or useful value - Sellers can only leave +fb for Buyers, while Buyers can leave +fb, -fb and neutral feedback for Sellers. Ebay forces its Buyers to pay only through PayPal - owned by Ebay - so Ebay gets another chunk out of Sellers' sales forcing Sellers to charge more. Ebay Final Value Fee for sold Items is based not only the sales price but also on S/H. Ebay often arbitrarily and capriciously changes its rules, often forcing Sellers into all-night sessions just trying to get their Ebay pages in compliance, only to find a month or so later, Sellers are again force into all-night sessions just trying to comply with Ebay's next idiotic edict.

HOW DOES EBAY RESOLVE BUYER/SELLER DISPUTES: If you have ever been thru the Ebay Buyer/Seller Dispute process, then you were likely suspicious and distrustful of their process. You may have noticed that no matter which side Ebay takes in its final decision, Ebay apparently never discloses the basis for its dispute decisions. Why? Based on our experience, it is our belief that Ebay does not give a rat's butt about the facts of the dispute, but rules solely or at least mostly in favor of the party which brings more money to Ebay. We also believe that if the ruling is against the Seller, Ebay takes TWICE the amount the Buyer paid from the Seller (hidden by its confusing and not easy-to-access PayPal accounting), keeping its half. We also suspect that Ebay sometimes decides against both Buyer and Seller, and keeps all the money for itself.

Another tactic that crooked Ebay Buyers use to rip-off Ebay Sellers is to claim to the Seller that: (A) He/she can't pay for the Item right away because of an emergency of some type (usually family), but to ship Item right away because it is needed ASAP. (B) He/she falsely claims to have already paid via PayPal, so ship the Item right away. Seller may even receive a spoofed PayPal email saying that Item was paid for when it was not paid for. Some refer to these tactics as "Reseller scams".

Have you noticed that whenever you bid on an Item in a corporate Online auction and win, you usually end up paying more than the average of what the Item sold before in previous and subsequent auctions you didn't bid on? You can usually verify this by simply doing your own study on it. Some of the corporate Online auction sites do many under-the-table special favors for their big Sellers and Buyers. As a Buyer on these auctions, the auction site has complete details as to your buying habits and how far they can push YOU into paying maximum prices because they know your bidding and buying history, and because they know the extent of your interest in an Item if you emailed the Seller on it, you are on the Item's Watch List, you are on the Item's page, you told the auction site or Seller to notify you when the auction is coming up, and/or you've clicked on to view identical or similar Items. The auction site knows what your maximum bid is likely to be hours before the auction closes, and exactly what it is once you bid even if you bid just seconds before the auction closes. Clearly, these corporate auction sites are feeding their Powerful Sellers and Buyers of Items info that you have shown an interest in an Item, the likelihood you will bid on it, and what your maximum bid is likely to be on a real time basis so that shill buyers (many believed to be electronic fabrications) can then be virtually instantly deployed to manipulate the end bids so that YOU end up paying more while their Powerful Sellers and the auction site both laugh at you all the way to the bank!

EBAY BUYERS AND SELLERS EASILY VICTIMIZED BY THIS APPARENT SCAM: Many Bidders on Ebay use snipe bidding to win auctions. When one snipe bids, he/she places bids during the last few seconds of the auction, mostly to avoid the tactics of Seller shill bidders having enough time to ratchet up bids to near your maximum. The few times we bid on Ebay these days, we usually snipe bid. We have noticed this scam to various degrees in about 25% of our Bidder efforts - almost always when a valuable Item's current bid is very low. What we notice is that as the Ebay countdown clock to end-of-auction hits about 25 seconds, its starts to become increasingly erratic - skipping seconds. Then about at 12-16 seconds, the countdown clock sometimes freezes, thus locking Bidders out of placing their bids on time. When we started experiencing this about a year ago, we first thought that it was caused by hackers pranking us. I then talked to other Ebay Buyers, and they also reported this happening to them, including one Ebay Buyer who travels much, and snipe bid from various unrelated computers. What I believe is happening is that a hacker who is targeting the Item, will do a denial-of-service attack on Ebay during this lock-out period - flooding Ebay with underbids that, while not being recorded as actual bids, still result in Ebay receiving and processing them, thus overwhelming and paralyzing Ebay, causing bidding lock-out as indicated by an erratic or frozen countdown clock. If this is true, Ebay Buyers are cheated because it prevents their snipe bids from going thru, and it cheats Ebay Sellers by resulting in a very low sales price for their relatively valuable Items. Essentially, the hacker bidder steals the Item. One tactic to overcome this is to carefully observe the countdown clock, and the second it becomes erratic, place your bid, which may be 20 or so seconds before end-of-auction, which for us is about 16 seconds too early. Of course, this then leaves you very vulnerable because sometimes the countdown clock resumes to near normal in time for Seller shill bidders to ratchet up their bids to your maximum bid, thus risking you much money.

MORE ONLINE AUCTION SCAMS: An apparently increasingly popular scam for ripping-off Sellers on major commercial Online auction site which provides its own Online "bank" to pay for all buys and practically requires you to use it, is what we call the Shipping Address Scam. Here's how the Shipping Address Scam works, two variations:
      VARIATION #1: The Buyer buys an Item, and pays for it using the auction site's Online "bank". Earlier, the Buyer provided two different shipping addresses, one to the auction itself and the other to the auction's "bank". The auction emails the Seller with a notice with the Buyer's auction shipping address. The auction's bank will similarly email the Seller, including its Buyer's bank shipping address. Regardless of which address the Seller ships to, the Buyer will raise hell and make demands, claiming that the Item was shipped to the wrong shipping address. For example, Buyer might say, 'You shipped to the wrong address. Clearly, I intended you to ship to XYZ. I had to drive all the way across town (or similar), as the result, I expect you to refund $ABC amount...' Sometimes adding, '... else, I will leave you negative feedback' or similar.
      VARIATION #2: Same as Variation #1, except the shipping address provided to the auction by Buyer - where virtually all Sellers ship to (few ship to the shipping address provided by the "bank" because it is strung out on one line with no separations between address parts so often it is confusing) - will be fake. Most Sellers ship pricier items using Delivery Confirmation or Certified Mail. The Item will then of course be returned as Undeliverable. The Buyer will then demand that the Seller take the package, paste over a new address label, and drop it in a mail box, sometimes threatening negative feedback. Problem is that while the package will likely then reach its new destination, the Delivery Confirmation or Certified Mail tracking will no longer apply. There will be no proof that the Buyer ever received the Item, so the crooked Buyer will quickly demand a full refund, which the auction will give him/her. If the Seller repackages the Item with fresh postage, the Seller again pays full S/H, this time out of his/her own pocket. The Seller can give a full refund - Item + S/H - which means that Seller is out of his/her original S/H. If the Seller offers to refund the Item price but not the S/H, the Buyer will refuse and complain to the auction, and the auction will refund Buyer 100% of his/her Item + S/H costs - even if the Seller publishes on the auction site that only Item price is refunded in such cases!

A popular scam employed by popular corporate auction sites to rob both Sellers and Buyers is the Complaint system scam: The Buyer goes to the Online auction's resolution site, and complains about the Item. If it is a clearly non-controversial decision, this auction site often does it right. However, if the complaint and response are significant, the auction site emails the Seller that the Buyer won and will be fully refunded out of Seller's account in its banking site (one big reason why it requires you to accept payments only from its banker), while at the same time the Online auction site emails the Buyer that the Seller won and denies Buyer the refund. It then steals Sellers money while Buyers lose deserved refunds. A certain sign of this is when the auction site claims to have refunded the Buyer without requiring that the Buyer return the Item (if the Buyer had to return the Item to get the refund, then the Buyer clearly won his/her case). If you are the Seller or Buyer and try to appeal the case decision, at their customer service page, you will get a message similar to, 'To appeal a case, go to our XYZ pages, and click on APPEAL from the case you want to appeal.' However, there is no Appeal Link on any of its XYZ pages, so you can't appeal their decision, because if you were able to appeal it, the Online auction site would then get deeper into its fraud. IF YOU ARE A BUYER OR SELLER ON A CORPORATE ONLINE AUCTION SITE EXPECT TO BE REGULARLY SWINDLED BY THE SITE AND BY OTHER BUYERS AND SELLERS.

Another popular scam commonly used by a major corporate auction site is crooked Sellers who to blackball any Buyer who leaves them neutral feedback or negative feedback, thereby fraudulently inflating their feedback scores. This has happened to us more than once on Ebay. On this auction site, if the Item is listed as Used, Sellers far too often provide Items dirty, unlubricated, rusty, broken, defective and with missing parts not shown in their images nor described. If you complain and leave neutral feedback or negative feedback, the Seller blocks you from bidding on any more of his/her Items instead of learning from the complaint and correcting bad practices. We buy many antique, unusual, rare and precision tools (if you have any such tools you want to sell, please let us know) so we can lease them out to a major customer of ours. Over time, we bought 3 separate tool lots from a tool Seller on this auction site. While his tools were pictured clean and in decent shape in clean surroundings - largely resulting from the deft application of PhotoShop tactics on his images - his tools came filthy, unlubricated, broken, and with deep rust, cracks and pitting, frozen moving parts, missing parts and other defects not described in his Descriptions. Even though his tools were inexpensive, some were still not worth than their prices. We repeatedly complained to the Seller, only to be rudely insulted.

Call us old-fashioned if you will, but we always believe that Sellers who sell defective Items to their Buyers while intentionally deceiving Buyers about Item condition are dishonest and disrespectful to their Buyers. In these 3 tool lots, it would have taken the Seller about 10 minutes, a brush and a little alcohol and oil and a few paper towels to provide us the tools in at least acceptable conditions. But this Seller - clearly typical of many Ebay Sellers - was too lazy to even do that much. Finally after the 3rd lot, after emailing the Seller with no results or even an apology, we were exasperated and posted neutral feedback on him. He then blocked us from bidding on his Items. Because he banned us and we were not able to bid on his Items after that, to date, he has lost $1,000s worth of business from us for his Items we would have won, plus likely $1000+ more from his Items we would have lost but would have increased his final prices. He clearly defamed us behind our backs with other Ebay Sellers, so they don't want to do business with us either - even though he clearly has the Online reputation of selling dirty, unlubricated, broken, rusty and defective tools, so savvy tool Buyers now either don't buy from him or bid much less for his defective tools.

There is little we hate more than dirty, rusted and unlubricated tools and equipment. The used tools and equipment that we sell, including thru Techzonics, we always clean them up, lubricate them, test all of their functions, and describe all significant defects, if any. And we always keep clean and lubricated the many tools and equipment we use in our shops and labs.

Another popular scam commonly used by a major corporate auction site is crooked Sellers who blackball their biggest Buyers with other competing Sellers so that they can monopolize on the Buyer's Online auction purchases and to charge Buyers more. Crooked Online auction Sellers who see their competitors sell the same or similar Items for less then emails these other Sellers to defame the Buyer to cause the other competing Sellers to block the Buyer so he/she can have the Buyer all to himself/herself.

What really makes this backstabbing even more effective for the Seller with ulterior motives and injures the Buyers he/she unjustly attacks is that if a Buyer finds a Seller who has blocked him/her because another Seller unjustly defamed him/her, there is no known way that Buyer can contact the Seller who blocked him, because Ebay blocks all email attempts by the Buyer to contact that Seller once the Seller has blocked him/her to defend himself/herself because all emails go thru the Ebay mail system.

Talk about lazy Ebay Sellers. We run into Ebay Sellers who can't bother to charge fair Shipping for their Items. While most overpriced S/Hs we see on Ebay are clearly Sellers trying to eke out more profit for their Items that they believe they can actually price the Items for, much S/H overpricing is due to Sellers too lazy to find the most economical Shipping price for their Items. For example, we bought on Ebay a steel machinist block, shipped USPS Parcel Post, 3.5"x3.5"x3.5"box, 3-1/2 lbs. Seller charged us $11.07 for USPS's Shipping charge to him. He could have shipped the same Item Priority Mail for about $6 - costing US $5 too much. Also, his box took 7 days to reach us - we typically get Priority Mail boxes in 2-3 days.

Have you also noticed that sometimes when you do an end-of-auction bid, the auction site will tell you that the auction is already over when you know that you still have seconds to go? This seems to be a popular tactic with Ebay. Clearly, this happens because certain Items are earmarked for the auction site's big Buyers, insiders and their favored friends, and the auction will not let any larger bids in on time, and will use the "ended auction" ploy to guarantee that their favored Buyers cannot be outbidded no matter what. They often do this by providing you a slow clock so that you think that you still have seconds left to bid when the auction is already over. You can easily prove to yourself that this auction site manipulates their end timer (which kicks in when the time left drops below one hour). Here's what you do: (1) Open up two browser windows side-by-side on the same computer or on different computers. (2) Log onto the auction site with both windows using different IDs. (3) Click on the same particular item of interest. (3) Observe the amount of time left on the auction clocks viewed in both windows. If your experience is like ours, you will notice that the clocks are not identical - not even off by only 1-2 seconds. In our experience - even when using the same computer - the two clocks are consistently off 2-9 seconds, sometimes the difference varying randomly between 2-9 seconds. Even an error of 1 second can make all the difference in you bidding too late, too early or just at the right moment! Why this major auction site feels that it must rip-off its legitimate Buyers by trying to game them may be for the purpose of running a money laundering scheme and/or tax fraud scheme in which the favored Buyer is never sent the Item but the Buyer pays the Seller anyway. Or crooked employees or hackers paid for by crooked Buyers hack into this auction's bidding process. Another cheat tactic that this corporate auction site uses is that after you click on the "place bid button" and the confirm bid page shows up, there is no "confirm bid button" on it, making it impossible for you to place your bid; we've run into this cheat tactic ourselves but it is infrequent. Another sleazy corporate Online auction cheat tactic we have experienced is that the auction refuses to allow you to place your bid even though your bid is higher than the closing bid! Instead, it tells you to bid higher. If you are bidding with only seconds left in the auction, there is no way that you can bid higher - even if you wanted to.

At least one major corporate Online auction site uses a bogus and fraudulent feedback system to entice unwary Buyers into buying from some Sellers with inflated positive feedback scores, and to entice Sellers into over-trusting Buyers with very high positive feedback scores, and to entice unwary prospective sellers into becoming their Sellers with inflated Buyer positive feedback scores. They do this by not allowing Sellers to leave negative feedback - not even neutral feedback - to Buyers - only positive feedback - thereby clearly fraudulently inflating the positive feedback scores of all of their Buyers - including their Sellers who also buy through them. Also, much buyer feedback, positive or negative, has no factual basis, but is based only on the general attitude, mood and prejudice of the buyer, or positive seller feedback hoping to kiss up to the buyer for positive feedback from the buyer. This same auction is now inundate by Buyers with 100% positive feedback, and since Sellers can no longer distinguish good Buyers from crooked and deadbeat Buyers so cannot any longer take steps to protect themselves from crooked Buyers, so must keep their prices artificially high to pay for excessive rip-off losses. And because many of its Sellers also buy a lot on its auction site, their feedback scores are also fraudulently ultra high, so Buyers can no longer distinguish this auction site's good Sellers from its crooked Sellers, and these Sellers no longer have any real incentive in being honest. Their feedback system is clearly so blatantly fraudulent that we are very surprised that some state's Attorney General has not already brought fraud, unfair trade practices and conspiracy charges against them or that disgruntled Buyers have not sued them and/or their Sellers for the same causes of action. Their feedback system is clearly totally statistically meaningless, useless and intentionally deceptive in trying to determine how reliable and honest any Buyer or Seller is who uses their Online auction site, unless you go through the trouble - if even possible - to find out how little or how much the Seller or Buyer buys. In fact, while they heavily promote their feedback system, their feedback system is neither statistically valid nor reliable, nor measures anything. In fact, we repeatedly asked them to mathematically prove the validity and reliability of their feedback system, and they have consistently refused to do so.

Worse yet, Ebay clearly manipulates its feedback system for its big-shot Sellers to favor them, many of whom are just "coincidentally" Chinese. Some refer to this as, "descoring." We believe what this means that if a big-shot Seller gets -fb, he/she complains to Ebay management, and the -fb mysteriously vanishes from the Seller's feedback and feedback score (no matter how valid it was) - the Seller's feedback is "descored" - thus both clearly fraudulently deceiving potential Buyers but also giving the big-shot Seller a big competitive advantage over small Ebay Sellers selling similar items. This also appears to mean that if you complain to Ebay about the big-shot Seller, Ebay will virtually always decide in a way that favors the Seller. This is in addition to giving the big-shot Sellers ultra-low Selling Fees, and higher placements in Ebay search finds, especially "Best Match" searches, thereby manipulating Ebay Buyers into NOT making intelligent, cost-effective buying decisions. Ebay has never treated us with respect - even though I am a Disabled American Veteran (I know that Ebay knows this thru its "infinite wisdom" and "all-seeing eye"), plus I have been an Ebay Buyer and Ebay Seller for about 15 years (I don't sell or buy a lot). While Ebay clearly favors bigshot Chinese Communist sellers. Some of my band of brothers were left rotting in the fields of Korea and Vietnam so that Ebay bigshots could rake in $Billions in personal incomes - because they gave their lives to protect our great Country from communists - for what?!!

ONLINE AUCTION BUYERS AND SELLERS AT GREAT RISKS WHEN THE AUCTION IS CORRUPT: Corporate Online auctions who do all kinds of favors for their bigshot Sellers are very risky to deal with, because their bigshot Sellers take little risks in cheating Buyers and sabotaging small Sellers. Even the most crooked bigshot Sellers have sterling feedback ratings, so their feedback scores tell you nothing and must never be relied on. When a Buyer leaves them negative feedback, they complain to the Online auction, and "Poof" the -fb mysteriously disappears with their score still staying at or very near 100%. Then if the Buyer complains about the transaction - even when actual fraud is clearly evident - the auction decides in favor of the bigshot Seller (providing no reason or justification) - no refund for Buyer, and more than likely, the Buyer will be retaliated against by the auction and/or its Seller. Bigshot Sellers get away with even much more criminality - playing fast and loose with their Item Descriptions, shill bidding schemes, etc. Corrupt Online auctions are also very dangerous for small Sellers - not just because of the grossly inflated feedback scores and favorable auction decisions for the bigshot Sellers, but also because the bigshots get away with such crooked practices as hiring crooked Buyers to sabotage their competitions with bad feedbacks and complaints, unjustly dominating "Best Match" listings, obtaining steep discounts in Sellers fees so they can price cheaper, etc.

Clearly, Ebay is full of its dirty tricks. Another one is that when you search for an Item, Ebay automatically lists its finds based on its "Best Match" criteria. If you want your search results changed to another category, such as one based on when the Item was listed or when its listing will end, you must manually change that yourself. Ebay's "Best Match" (BM) criteria is NOT based on what is likely the searcher's best match criteria, but what is a "best match" for Ebay's bank account. Clearly, Ebay does not give a rat's butt for Ebay Sellers or Ebay Buyers or even Ebay Employees (see below) - only to maximizing its profits at everyone elses expense. So often, the top displayed "matches" under "Best Match" will be lesser quality and more costly Items from Ebay's big and connected Sellers. In fact, if Ebay doesn't like the Seller, there is a good chance that the Seller's Item - even if the least costly and highest quality Item, won't even be displayed from a search. This is why we believe that many Items that Ebay lists as search results are from Chinese Sellers and/or more costly than if you just bought Item retail from a local store.

Clearly, Ebay is also a haven for dirty tricksters. Most Ebayers - if not nearly all Ebayers - apparently both buy and sell on Ebay, and most Ebay Buyer/Seller members usually concentrate on one or a few niches for both their selling and buying (e.g. tools, auto parts, computers, clothes, art, crafts, collectibles, etc.). Therefore, they buy from Ebay Sellers who also compete with them in both Buying and Selling. Clearly, many of Ebay Sellers are crooks who will do anything to both rip-off Buyers and sabotage their buying and selling competition. We mention many of their tactics herein. In addition to these other tactics, we have found that once a competitor Buyer or Seller buys an Item from them, they then match up Buyer's User Name with other Sellers the Buyer has bought from (now easily identifiable even with the asterisks), then the crooked Seller emails many of his competing Sellers to badmouth the Buyer to cause them to blackball the Buyer by blocking bids and emails from the Buyer - even though they themselves have never had a bad experience with that Buyer. Apparently, even though all of these dirty tricks emails go thru the Ebay email system, Ebay does nothing to monitor and punish this kind of behavior.

Yet another big disadvantage is the vulnerability of Online auction site Sellers are to crooked Buyers and pranksters. For example, we had to limit the number of Items any Buyer could buy from us on Ebay to 10 items to prevent pranksters from Buying 100+ Items at a time and not paying for them, resulting in fees and relisting costs - which Online auction site Sellers also pass on to their Buyers. With ABQ Techzonics, if a customer places an order, he/she pays for it in advance and we ship after payment clearance - we are only out the time to reserve inventories until payment clears - which is zero clearance period for customers who pay by Postal M.O. (U.S. or Canada in $US), Money Transfer Services (MTS) or by pre-approved PayPal. Also, big corporate Online auction sites are so rigid and bureaucratic these days that they have made Sellers vulnerable to crooked Buyers who extort and steal money and Items from them - high crime costs Sellers must also pass onto their Buyers.

Ebay forces all of its Sellers to accept PayPal payments (Ebay owns PayPal and highly profits from it), which makes Sellers highly vulnerable to fraud. Even if a Seller business has a well-known published set of return and refund policies, PayPal ignores them. PayPal will not even allow you to present your case for not issuing an immediate refund. PayPal provides immediate refunds based on its very liberal and risky refund policies, which in today's high-fraud environment, makes Ebay Sellers easily vulnerable to popular PayPal-type frauds, which PayPal makes Sellers responsible for where Seller Protection is not provided, which is often. For example, a crook uses a stolen credit card to finance his/her PayPal account. He/she buys from an Ebay Seller, pays for it by PayPal, then shortly asks for a full refund. PayPal routinely grants refunds right away regardless of published Seller policies, and takes the money out of the Seller's account. Then several weeks later, the credit card owner - likely in cahoots with the crook - obtains his/her credit card statement, then reports the "fraud" on it to his/her credit card company, which money is then taken from the Seller's account, thereby costing the Seller 2X (plus fees) in losses for a 1X payment. Clearly, PayPal is very popular and lucrative to crooks - almost always at Seller's expense.

Ebay Sellers are not protected if they place in their Ebay ads, "as is, no refunds, no returns, and all sales final" or similarly-worded notices. All the Buyer has to do is to find some "defect" that the Seller did not describe (e.g. a tiny scratch), and complain to Ebay - even if he/she has to place the scratch there himself/herself. Then after using the Item up, or more likely switching it for his/her broken Item of the same make and model that he/she picked up at junk yard for pennies, obtain a 100% refund. Ebay does not require Buyers to do any due diligence or even research the Item no matter how simple it is to do, when it comes to refunds.

As an Ebay Seller, Ebay will gladly and freely provide to your Buyers your phone number. Buyers are then free to phone you whenever they wish to, and to curse at you, insult your religious beliefs whether they relate to Jesus, God The Father, or Allah, and threaten you with negative feedback (-fb). Even when the Buyer admits to these offenses, Ebay still rewards him/her by giving him/her full refund and keep posted the -fb the Buyer posts, because even though Ebay provided the Buyer with the Seller's phone # thus enables Buyers to curse out Sellers as well as to blaspheme Seller's God, Ebay will claim that since it did not witness the Buyer curse out the Seller, it will reward the Buyer. These means for example, Muslim Buyers can buy from Sellers with Jewish names just to pull off this clearly enabled and rewarded Ebay stunt, and Jewish Buyers can buy from Sellers with Muslim names to pull off this stunt. Ebay claims no liability whatsoever. It is like a case where an angry person goes up to another person, then a third person hands the angry person a gun then turns his/her back on them both, the angry person shoots the other person, the third person then gives money to the angry person, then claims the shooting was not his/her liability since he/she did not actually witness it. Truly evil!

Ebay "Seller Protection" is clearly a joke. Clearly, Ebay does everything it can to rip-off its Sellers (Ebay clearly also rips-off its Buyers but in other ways), ranging from ultra high Seller fees and costs, fascist policies (feedback, forced to use PayPal, etc.), ad blizzards, and rewarding crooked, hostile and lazy/dumb Buyers with full refunds. Ebay Buyers can use practically any lame excuse to "justify" returns for refunds. For example, if the Seller describes additional very useful and proven functions and features for his/her Item not specifically intended by the Item maker to make the Item more interesting and valuable to Bidders, the Buyer complains to Ebay that the Item was sold in the wrong Ebay Category and gets a full refund after abusing or using the Item up. Many tool and small equipment Items naturally have more than one great function. For example, dental picks are not only great for cleaning teeth, but can also be used as scribes, by crafters and model makers, machinists, in laboratories, etc. If the Ebay Seller sells dental picks in a Category other than a dental devices Category, which requires FDA approval, he/she is an easy rip-off target for crooked Buyers. We sold on Ebay a dual-head personal massager/vibrator in a tool category stating that as well as being great for "therapeutic massage applications," it was also great for vibrating toner cartridges to extend their lives, and for vibrating stacks of papers and boards to help align them. The cry-baby Buyer complained to Ebay that since the Item was listed in a tool Category, he was entitled to a full refund, which Ebay promptly gave him. This is the same Ebay which has a terrible history selling counterfeit and fake merchandise.

Clearly, Ebay protects its Sellers of defective, inferior, ripped-off and counterfeit merchandise through its clearly phony feedback system. I have experienced this directly. I bought a 50-foot roll of magnetic strip through an Ebay Online Seller (Ebay Item: 261314381410), 1-1/2" wide, 1/8" thick (0.125"), self-adhesive backing. Seller described in his Ebay ad that his magnetic strip is "commercial strength" mag strip. In spite of emailing Seller prior to purchase asking what the magnetic strength of his mag strip, he refused to disclose it to me. Assuming that his "commercial strength" claim actually had a meaning and desperately needing strong mag strip, I then ordered and received his mag strip roll. I found it extremely weak - perhaps useful for holding up razor blades or paper clips or as a fridge mag, but certainly incapable of holding up sturdy steel signs or tools (e.g. wrenches, pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, etc.) as I would expect from a "commercial strength" magnet. I complained to Ebay (Case ID: 5041977728) about this grossly inferior, defective and/or counterfeit product falsely advertised on Ebay. During the complaint process, Seller laughably claimed that "commercial strength" referred to the mag strips adhesive backing - not to its magnetic strength - which was also very weak. And during the complaint process, I repeatedly asked Seller for the magnetic strength rating of his mag strip, its country of origin (not stated in his ad or on the product or paperwork anywhere), and whether or not his mag strip was counterfeit. Seller refused to answer any of these questions. I also posted negative feedback for the Seller stating why I was unhappy with transaction. Which negative feedback Ebay removed within days without even respectfully first contacting me - thereby restoring this Seller's phony 100% feedback rating! Earlier, Ebay had told me on the phone that it does not remove negative feedback. Magnetic strength* is the singular most important physical property of magnets, but if you look on Ebay for magnetic products, many use glowing terms like, "strong" and "powerful" without stating magnetic strength rating. In fact, I find that many - if not most ads - on Ebay lack at least some critical information required for intelligent buying decisions. In my Complaint, I also asked Ebay to require all of its magnetic product Sellers to disclose magnetic strength. To this date, I can detect no Ebay changes. Nor did Ebay ever restore my negative feedback for this Seller in spite of my repeatedly pleading them to do so. Of course, if Ebay required magnetic strength to be disclosed, then that would likely expose a large number of Ebay products as being inferior, defective or even counterfeit. While this may save Ebay Buyers from being swindled, sales would fall and Ebay would lose money. So much for so-called Ebay Buyer Protection. Ebay could be protecting the Sellers of 100s or even 1000s of inferior, defective, ripped-off and counterfeit goods on Ebay, assuming that its removal of negative feedback is as widespread as believed whenever such opinions are stated. While Ebay did order a 100% refund for me, it clearly continues as before. *Magnetic strength is often, but not always, measured as MGO (Mega Gauss Oersteds) units. For 1/8" mag strip, the MGO range is very large from about 0.6 to 1.8. I measured this mag strip at about 0.2 MGO - exactly 0.2 MGO higher than a wood board.

When we are not on Ebay, our computers run pretty fast. But when we log onto Ebay, and the longer we are on Ebay, our computers slow down to a crawl, often run out of memory, and stall. You likely have same experiences. Could a reason be that Ebay subjects you to a blizzard of ads every time you go to a new Ebay page - your webpage stalls until ALL of the Ebay ads are displayed? Could a reason be that once you log onto Ebay, your computer is continually attacked by Ebay's army of "global partners" with their malware, at least some being displayed on bottom left of your browser? Only on Ebay, and no other sales site we go to, do we get extremely annoying and system-slowing adware sliders (ads that slowly slide into view) like Pricegong and the one on dentists. Whatever junk that gets on your computer while you are on Ebay, Ebay should assume 100% liability.

RETRACTED BID / CANCELLED BID SCAM: One big scam that a major Online auction site makes easy and likely even encourages is the Retracted Bid Scam. A retracted bid or cancelled bid occurs when a bidder bids on an auction Item (does not apply to fixed price sales), and then retracts bid or cancels bid prior to auction closing, usually without submitting a new bid, until near the end, usually as a snipe bid. This scam has several big advantages for the scammers: (1) It is used to ferret out Reserve bid limits. (2) It is used to ferret out the top bid a competing high bidder enterred. (3) Used in tandem with another bidder ID (second bidder or scam bidder with two IDs) to bid up an Item very high, thereby discouraging other bidders, then both cancel their bids near auction close, leaving the scammer to enter a new, much lower high bid. (4) A retracted bid / cancelled bid defames the auctioned Item: Whenever a bid is retracted or cancelled without explanation, other potential bidders usually believe that the bidder bidded on the Item, then found out that the Item and/or Seller is bad so cancelled, thereby making them more reluctant to bid or to bid higher. Of course, crooked Sellers for this corporate auction site sometimes use bid retractions / bid cancellations to falsely drive up an Item's price, then retracting bid near auction close, thereby leaving the next-highest bidder who overbid holding the bag.

STOCK PHOTO SCAM: One big Seller scam that a major Online auction site makes easy and even encourages is the Stock Photo Scam. When you list certain Items on it, the site in many cases will automatically put as Image #1 a professional stock photo of a new Item of the same make and model - even if your Item is used - even if damaged or in bad condition. And even when it doesn't swap out your image with a stock photo, it will allow you to do that. Of course, the big surprise comes when you open up the package to find an Item that looks like it was dropped from a high building onto concrete and then bounced into a muddly pond.

As an Online Buyer, if you like being ripped-off time and time again, Online auctions are ideal - shill bidding (and counterfeiting, favoritism, and other rip-off systems) on some Online auctions are now at virtually epidemic levels (Online searches quickly verifies this). Shill bidding is when Seller (or Seller's relative, employee, friend, etc.), using another ID, bids on his/her own Item to drive up the price by fraudulently generating bidding activity and increasing Item costs towards maximum bid levels. Shill bidding is also when someone with special knowledge about the Item (e.g. Seller's relative, employee, friend, etc.), which ordinary bidders don't have, bids up an Item to be sure to get it. While the Online auctions publicly protest much against shill bidding and now and then will take well-publicized actions in especially egregious and high-profile cases, Online auctions INTENTIONALLY don't describe what specific shill bidding warning signs Buyers must look out for because in reality they greatly profit from shill bidding and do all they can to secretly encourage it. Here is a complaint filed with an Online auction Seller of a major corporate auction site suspected of shill bidding profiteering which illustrates some clues: 'I suspect that fraudulent bidding / shill bidding was done on this Item. There were 7 bids and 4 bidders, h**1 bidding 4 times. On 2 occasions, it appeared that h**1 was ratchet bidding - bidding up an item in small increments so that a maximum bid is revealed that does not exceed the current highest bidder. When a person bids who seriously wants an Item, they bid the max they are willing to pay for it and don't try to game the system. Also, h**1 highest bid, which we ended up paying $1 more for to win, was $37.99. Serious bidders don't usually bid one penny under the next dollar level - this type of bid is called a 'loser bid.' However, shill bidders do that to get the highest bids because they know that most serious bidders bid at or just over even dollar amounts, so they bid at x.95 - x.99 to force other bidders to overbid increasing their chances of LOSING the Item by bidding x.95 - x.99. Your start bids always start at $14.99 - not $15 - based on similar pricing psychology. Please fully investigate this matter and let us know.' The Seller refused to prosecute this case, citing the self-serving definition of the Online auction site, which defines "shill bidding" as bidding intended to BOTH drive up the Item price AND ALSO intended to create a bidding war, when the actual definition of shill bidding is to either drive up the bid price or to a much lesser extent to buy an Item the Bidder has special knowledge about - it is both totally irrelevant to the Buyer and almost impossible to prove that a shill bidder had intended to create a bidding war, which may or may not occur due to shill bidding, and depends on varying subjective definitions of "bidding war." If you bid Online, check out your auction site's definition of "shill bidding," and if it is like that corporate auction site's definition - never bid again on it because almost certainly the auction site has allowed - even encouraged - shill bidders to rob you and your loved ones! Other shill bidding evidence is feedback scores under about 500 (especially under 100), bidder concentration on one Seller (especially for unrelated Items), bidding wars (some bidding wars are not due to shill bidding), and bidder history of multiple bid retractions (bidder bids very high to ferret out highest bid, then retracts his/her bid and then bids (or has someone else bid) just under highest bid). In cases where the shill bidder accidentally wins Items (shill bidding also sometimes used to fraudulently drive up Seller positive feedback), you may see favorable Buyer feedbacks in under about 4 days, and quick relisting of unique Items that "sold". The crooked shill-bidder Seller virtually never experiences a loss - when on occasion the shill bidder accidentally wins, the Seller cancels the win, gets all fees refunded to him/her, and then often tries again.

This same corporate auction site in its efforts to maximum its profits from shill bidding, places no apparent limits on ratchet bidding - over 10 ratchet bids on an Item, each auction bid usually 50 cents or $1.00 above the previous bid, is not uncommon for this auction site, therefore promoting and profiting from the swindling of Buyers by shill bidders. An honest auction site - one that does not perpetrate shill bidding fraud to profit from it - strictly limits maximum number of bids by any one bidder for any one Item ideally to 3 bids - 5 bids at maximum. Normal Buyers bid on Items because they need them, and know what the maximum amount they are willing to pay for Items, so ratchet bidding clearly automatically exposes crooked auction scam sites setting traps to swindle suckers. Sometimes ratchet bidding is done by tag teams trying to rope in sucker Buyers. Ratchet shill bidding is now so out of control on this very popular corporate auction site it is now common for total bids to run 3-9 times higher than total bidders.

A crooked tactic used by crooked Sellers on a popular Online auction site is to place the same Item more than once within the same time frame and with the same or very similar Titles and Descriptions, to add a very high false sense of value to the Item. Here is an actual example: The Seller listed the same vintage used handtool at least twice. He, using several alternative Seller IDs, and/or through his friends, bidded up one of these listings to an outrageous $255 before closing. The actual one sold for $41. The actual value of the handtool was about $15. For the phony listing, the shill Buyer then contacts the auction to ask for cancellation by mutual agreement of the sale. The Seller agrees, so the final value fee of the Seller is refunded, so the Seller losses nothing while ripping-off about $26 ($41 - $15).

Another slick Seller fraud tactic run on Online auction sites is the "Wrong Item Scam," especially with more costly items. How this works is that Buyer A buys Item X from the Seller while Buyer B buys Item Y. The Seller instead ships much cheaper items to Buyers A and/or B. A few days later, the Seller emails both Buyers, claiming shock that he/she "accidentally" shipped Item X to Buyer B and Item Y to Buyer A instead. The Seller then says that he/she will totally refund the S/H plus some extra amount to each Buyer, if they mutually agree to ship their wrong Items to the other Buyer on their own. When the Buyers receive their Items, of course they immediately notice that they received the wrong items. But then who do they blame? And who do they complain to? No way of knowing whether they were swindled by the Seller or the other Buyer. Since they can't prove who did the crime, they are left with no recourse. In one variation, they pull this swindle on only the Buyer who bought the most expensive item to more divert the blame to the other Buyer. In another variation, the second Buyer is an accomplice, and when the swindled Buyer doesn't get his/her item back, he's left both empty handed and loses his/her money.

If you have ever experienced trying to report fraud to a corporate Online auction site, you will find that the process is so difficult and excruciating that it may nearly be impossible. Corporate Online auction sites care about one thing and one thing only, THEIR PROFITS. In reality, they could care less about protecting their Buyers or Sellers, or about fighting crimes which occur on or because of their auction websites. They make it virtually impossible to prove fraud on their sites by absolutely minimizing their fraud records. Their first intent is to not scare away any of their fraudulent Sellers and Buyers to maximize participation, and therefore their profits based on their high fees. Their second intent is to minimize all fraud reports so if their fraud records become accessible through legal Discovery, they intend that they be absolutely minimal to reduce their legal risks. And some popular Online auction sites are themselves even bigger frauds than their most crooked Sellers and Buyers. And if you complain, they kick you off in a hearbeat. When was the last time you were able to directly email your corporate Online auction, much less received a response from a real person. They require that you fill out some idiotic Online form which limits how many characters you can type in, and which you will be lucky to obtain a satisfactory response. They also tell you to go to some impotent chat group of theirs to sob along with all the others of their victims, what we call the, "Online auction leper colony" approach to handling corporate complaints.

Frankly, we think that Al Capone is rolling around in his grave saying, "Why didn't we create my own auction site!?" On at least one major corporate Online auction site, criminality is rampant as indicated by Online searches. Before you purchase on an Online auction site, do a search on the site for: "+(scammers,scam artists,swindlers,frauds)". Be sure to search both Title and Description. Last time we checked, there was 12,539 finds! Then click on a good random sampling of these pages to view their complaints. We have found that almost 100% of them have some kind of gripe about crooks operating on their Online auction company's website with impunity. If you park at a store, and while you were approaching the store, you notice through the window that there are thugs inside the store, would you still enter the store? If not, then why would you possibly want to do business with any corporate Online auction site which has about 12,500+ criminal complaints on it? Even if most of these Online auction site complaints related only to Buyers, crooked Buyers can easily work in cahoots with crooked Sellers to jack up auction bids (e.g. shill bidding) and sabotage lower-priced competition. Crime losses by Sellers always get passed onto future Buyers, often resulting in jacked-up prices. Corporate Online auction sites permissively flooded with crooked Buyers are clearly likely to also be permissively flooded with crooked Sellers. Flee from these Online auction sites just as fast as you can!

Yet another big disadvantage of corporate auction sites is the inability of Sellers being able to optimally maintain their description pages and to optimally deal with multiple-item purchases and unusual situations - little or no flexibility to do anything to optimize your business beyond description page formatting. We find that it typically takes us about 25% of our time to place and maintain an Item listing on one of our ABQ Techzonics webpages than it does on an Online auction site, and we don't have to relist after every sale - saving us more time - reducing our costs so we can sell cheaper. Time is money, so all Online auction Sellers must pass on all of this wasted time and relisting fees in the form of more price increases to their Buyers. For Online auction sites, the amount of time that Sellers have to waste trying to deal with the often arbitrary, capricious, crooked and bizarre whims of site managers is often great - all wasted-time costs which Sellers must also pass on to their Buyers.

The CEO of a major corporate Online auction site recently pontificated how he was going to convert his auction site from its nice flea market-like beginnings - which had made the site very successful, fun and profitable for both Buyers and Sellers for about a decade - into a 'big commercial mall' with all the high prices, fees and rip-offs passed onto Buyers, gross invasions of privacy, "global partners," numerous crimes and misrepresentations, despotic mall management, swindling tactics, complexities, inefficiencies, confusions, hidden tricks and traps, constant pop-up and animated ads and spam emails and scam emails, much extra work, and limited selections typical of corrupt and greedy big government and big corporations - and you don't even get a food court!

Ebay Grossly Abuses Its Own Ebay Employees!

A few years ago, Ebay made agreements with several other large Internet and computer corporations to not poach each other's employees (believed to be with 6 or even more other corporations)! These mutual anti-poaching agreements means that if Company A (or B) receives a resume, job application or job letter from an employee of Company B (or A), Company A (or B) throws these employee documents into its trash. Anti-poaching agreements not only violate Federal Antitrust Laws (anti-poaching agreements nullified by Federal Court), but are also cause extreme injuries to Ebay employees. Anti-poaching agreements clearly intend to enslave corporate employees by preventing them from obtaining higher pay, better benefits, better opportunities, promotions, and/or better work conditions elsewhere than what their current corporation provides them. While Ebay's anti-poaching agreement with Intuit, for example, was nullified by the Federal Court, sadly, it was too late for Ebay. Ebay employees now know that Ebay's honchos are eager to abuse them, disrespect them, rip them off, and care nothing about them and their families. Ebay honchos will never be able to unring this bell. We have heard over the years that Ebay, in particular, is very abusive to its own employees who are not top management, and that Ebay honchos routinely use dirty tricks to sabotage its employees' careers. How true is all of this? If you know the truth, please contact us and provide us details. Anonymous contacts are fine, but please only provide actual factual info to the best of your knowledge and beliefs, preferably provable by your evidence. We not only want the facts but suggestions of where we should look, what we should look for, and who has the goods. We also invite Ebay to make comments and to suggest specific corrections, if we are in error, providing us applicable evidence. Frankly, it really surprises us that some employees at Ebay have not gone postal yet, or seriously sabotaged Ebay's operations. Ebay honchos need to know that when it comes to their abysmal treatment of Ebay employees, Ebay Sellers and Ebay Buyers, "What goes around, comes around."

The former CEO of the major corporate Online auction site Ebay (Meg Whitman) - born and raised in the USA - now a near billionaire - recently disclosed that she had not voted in any election in the last several decades! Clearly, that's because her entire loyalty is devoted to her, "global partners" - we all know who those are! John Williams, CEO of ABQ Techzonics, is a Disabled American Veteran who honorably served our Country during a time of war, risked his life and limb and sacrificed his health, blood, sweat and tears - along with all of his band of brothers - many who sacrificed even more by paying the ultimate price in combat - to defend our freedoms, and this arrogant, spoiled, ultra-rich, self-serving jerk who has personally benefited from all of these sacrifices more than 99.9999% of our people - now spits on their great sacrifices! Its lowlife like this who, along with their people, will sell you out to their foreign masters (i.e. "global partners") in a heartbeat, does not deserve one penny of your business ever, can never be trusted with your personal information, and will do everything possible to swindle you or encourage others to swindle you to boost up their profits!

ABQ Techzonics Tech Superstore Beats Online Auction Sites

Our ABQ Techzonics webpages are clean, clear, consistently formatted, easy-to-read, banner ads free, pop-up ads free, and malware-free. Many of our images have 2+ times the resolution plus 2+ times the area of the small images you get from some Online auction sites. And our Item descriptions are more detailed and comprehensive than typical of Online auction site Item descriptions. More information is available for small electronic components (especially ICs, transistors, diodes) through electronic datasheets and electronic databases for integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, etc.

And unlike Online auction sites, ABQ Techzonics of Albuquerque, NM, does not try to blast you with ads filled with garish or moving images which harass you every page you visit.

Sellers must make a modest profit to stay in business, but you don't have to pay for the obscene profits of Online auction sites and Online malls any longer! These days, no one has extra money to waste. Through ABQ Techzonics - in business for 30+ years as Consumertronics - we sell our Items cheaper and with more varieties than ever before, respecting your privacy, and with more versatility in reducing YOUR costs (Item prices + S/H) for good-customer quantity and multiple-Item orders. We try to be fair to both our customers and us. Check with us first. And bookmark this page, print it out and tell your friends - spread the good word about ABQ Techzonics! And tell them the truth about the corporate Online auctions and Online malls.

We are a large and growing high-tech Online Superstore: We have 1,000,000 ICs (1,000 different IC part #s, most ICs not listed yet). Plus we have 1,000,000 other electronic parts - transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, etc. (also most of our electronic parts not listed yet). Plus we have tons of non-electronic and electronic equipment, tools, components, and special materials to meet your needs be they business or professional (commercial, shop, industrial, scientific, laboratory), or personal (home, hobbies, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.). As we are constantly listing new tech stuff and expanding, please regularly visit our ABQ Techzonics Superstore website, bookmark this site, print it out, save it, and tell your friends! Techzonics.com is competitive in number and variety of high-tech Items listed as Ebay.

Interested in integrated circuits (ICs)? It does not make logical sense for you to check out Online auctions first before visiting ABQ Techzonics IC electronic parts because our selection size of ICs is comparable (and growing) to the numbers of different electronic parts numbers offered on even the biggest Online auction for electronic parts, many of our integrated circuits and transistors are not even available on it, and our topical webpages are not swamped with 10s - 100s of duplicates of the same Item you often must waste your valuable time wading through ever-changing Online auction sites. Our studies show that about 1/3 of our integrated circuits and transistor offers were for electronic parts not found on Ebay, for example, for searches of titles, descriptions in both Ebay auctions and Ebay stores. (The figures were about 1/2 for inductors, capacitors, transformers, tools, electronic test equipment and electrical equipment, about 3/4 for valves and collectibles, and about 9/10 for technical books and manuals). Check us out first!

Another important consideration is that even if you find your Item on an Online auction site today, such as Ebay (or Amazon.com), the same/similar item may vanish even an hour or day later. On most Online auctions, sale listings constantly expire, Sellers constantly change their categories/descriptions/prices/quantities, and Sellers come and go. On ABQ Techzonics, the same Item is much, much more likely in one place giving YOU a more dependable supply now and into the future, usually close to same price, no Item sale "expires," and no losses or changes in Sellers; therefore, on ABQ Techzonics, while we can't guarantee later availabilities as some items do sell out, on the average, our Items stay longer and at much more predictable and often lower prices than on Online auction sites - especially when it comes to electronic parts and electronic test equipment.

BEWARE OF CRAIGSLIST: Over the years, numerous Craigslist users have become the victims of violent crimes - some even murdered simply because they responded to a Craigslist ad or a violent felon responded to their Craigslist ad. Craigslists defects go way beyond even the violent crimes and clearly help enable violent criminals to use Craigslists to commit their violent crimes. The way Craigslist is run, a criminal organization or other group can easily manipulate the user flagging and deleting process to: (1) Eliminate competition. (2) Eliminate the sale of safety and security devices to help protect you from these very same violent criminals. (3) Harass and stalk people. For example, you want to sell your car. You put it on Craigslist at a price cheaper than the prices dealers sell the same car for. All they have to do is use a few of their identities to get rid of you. For example, you sell home security and personal safety devices. The home boys in your area don't want their potential victims to be able to protect themselves, so they use a few of their identities to flag you off and delete you. This actually happened to us several years ago. We advertised security seals on Craigslist. Our Craigslist security seal ads were constantly being flagged and removed when nothing in them we could ever find or was told about violated any of Craigslist policies. We were also flagged and deleted when we tried to sell a vehicle on Craigslist from our place, and people responded but felt "insulted" because we asked them their names and whether they had valid driver licenses. This is in Albuquerque, NM - well known for its 100+ street gangs and violent criminals. This means that if you advertise on Craigslist, you better not do anything prudent that will help protect you and your loved ones from violent criminals for fear that it will offend the violent criminals who victimize their victims thru Craigslist. Craigslist could be great if it would stop allowing unknown Craigslist criminal users from being able to victimize other users thru its flagging system.

And when you buy from ABQ Techzonics, the Item is shipped fast - you don't have to nervously wait until an auction closes - as much as 10 days with some Online auctions - and you don't have to worry about being snipe-outbidded seconds from close - leaving you empty-handed.

Unlike Online auction sites, such as Ebay and Amazon.com, and Online malls, ABQ Techzonics can freely engage in pricing deals and bartering transactions with our good customers. Should you have Items we want - especially small electronic parts, electronic test equipment, scientific equipment, precision tools, modern computer equipment, and some rare, antique, unusual and even weird Items - possibly even devices they build or assemble themselves - we will buy from or trade with you. Since we do much of our prototyping work here using DIP/DIL ICs and other electronic components with leads - even if we do use and sell surface-mount versions of them - we are also interested in buying or trading for small electronic parts with leads. A transaction with ABQ Techzonics can leave you both with Items you much need from ABQ Techzonics and cash in your pockets! Interested in trading or selling Items with us? Then Techzonics Email: wizguru with a description of what you want to trade or sell to us, what you want for it, and your name and shipping address (put "Items to Trade/Sell Inquiry" in email Subject line) (please do not phone us). We are mostly interested in the types of tech Items we sell on this website. Do not ship anything to us unless and until you and us first come to a mutual agreement in writing. Tell your friends - they can benefit from this also. Whatever you do, do not trash or give away to a "recyler" electronic components without checking with us first at ==> Trade-Buy Offers.

Thanks. Please return to our homepage: ABQ Techzonics. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

P.S.: We are very interested in obtaining the contact phone numbers and extensions of the various popular Online auction sites, such as Ebay phone numbers and Amazon.com phone numbers, as we are considering republishing this listed data on this site sometime in the future. We already have some contact Ebay phone numbers and extensions, but they may be old numbers, so we need new Ebay phone numbers and Amazon.com phone numbers. You may provide us this data - or any other data - about Online auction sites - Ebay, Amazon.com, others - anonymously if you wish, just as long as the data is factual to the best of your knowledge and beliefs and relates to the fair or unfair treatment of their Buyers and Sellers, and document if possible. Thanks. John

ABQ TECHZONICS (Albuquerque, NM) OFFERS: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, ELECTRONIC PARTS, ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Varistors, Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Speakers, Relays, Switches, Actuators, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Crystals, Oscillators, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Pins, Wires, Cables, Displays, Photo, Video, Laser, Power, other Electronic Parts / Electronic Components; EQUIPMENT, Electronic Test Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Tool Chests, Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Bikes); MORE TECH STUFF, Scientific/Industrial Valves, Fittings, Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Radionics, Crafts, Hobbies, Strange & Unusual, Religious & Spiritual, Collectibles; Hardware, Devices, Parts, Special Materials, Books, Manuals, Software.

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