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Welcome to ABQ Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,components,parts,special materials,books,manuals,ebooks,software,collectibles,antiques, part of Consumertronics.net)

ABQ Techzonics
Albuquerque, NM


ABQ Techzonics rules! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,parts,components,special materials,books,ebooks,manuals,software,antiques,collectibles, part of Consumertronics.net)
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To become a Buyer on a corporate Online auction site, the site requires you to divulge all kinds of personal and private information about yourself and family (and clearly harvests all other personal information it can get on you) - information that the corporate auction site profitably sells or distributes to its numerous and unknown 'global partners,' and without notifying you of each such data transfer. And when you visit their websites, they load up your computer with all kinds of Internet tracking cookies (i.e. spyware) and possibly other malware - they totally invade your privacy! Consider our recent experience with eBay: While doing a search on eBay, eBay suddenly and displayed in the left column of this unlocked search page our very private and personal credit scores with Transunion, Experian and Equifax! We did not solicit eBay to find this information nor asked it to display our private and personal data. If anyone else had been viewing our computer screen, our very private and personal information would have been revealed to them as well. Not to mention all the hackers, phishers, scammers and other computer criminals who routinely intercept transmitted or displayed computer data and then use it against you. We believe that this practice of Online auction sites is not unique to eBay. If you were in a mall and a mall official followed you around to every store you shopped, looked over your shoulder, recorded everything you looked at and bought, and informed you that he/she was going to sell your data to his/her "global partners," claiming that he/she is doing you a big favor to help direct more relevant ads to you, then flashed your credit scores at you, would you not be angry? Then why should you tolerate Online auction and mall site officials to do that very same thing to you and your family?

ABQ TECHZONICS PRIVACY POLICIES: As long as your intentions are legal, your payment doesn't bounce and you are no threat to us, ABQ Techzonics does not care who you are, does not sell or distribute your personal information to anyone, and ABQ Techzonics never places any kind of malware on your computer. ABQ Techzonics has NO GLOBAL PARTNERS.

SECURITY, PRIVACY & OTHER CONCERNS: Concerned about doing Internet transactions? You can easily, quickly and safely place your order with us by secure online order form, fax, regular mail, phone, or by even UPS or FedEx. We are in business 30+ years as Consumertronics. As one of our many good customers (i.e. all customers who don't have a dishonest or malicious intention towards us), we have no interest in your identity. Unlike most online merchants, we respect your security and privacy: We never plant "cookies" or "spyware" on your system, and the computers we use to process and store customer orders are neither connected to the Internet nor networked or file-shared with a computer connected to the Internet. We provide the best products and services we reasonably can to our good customers. As it is our intention to serve our good customers as well as we can under our privacy and other policies, we certainly do welcome all honest, straightforward, and accurate consumer inquiries and comments, and will try our reasonable best to accurately and completely address all such inquiries. And we shall continue to serve the needs of and protect the privacies of our good customers within the law. To our many good customers: Thank you very much and the best of successes in all that you do.

John Williams, M.S.E.E., CEO, Consumertronics.net and ABQ Techzonics.com.

For Your Information...We do NOT sell, give away, trade, distribute or permanently preserve our Good-Customer lists, and we consider their names, addresses, phone numbers, what they ordered and how they paid to be strictly confidential, and we will never voluntarily disclose this information to anyone.We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality.

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