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Welcome to ABQ-Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,components,parts,special materials,books,manuals,ebooks,software,collectibles,antiques, part of Consumertronics.net)

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ABQ-Techzonics rules! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,parts,components,special materials,books,ebooks,manuals,software,antiques,collectibles, part of Consumertronics.net)
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Because of the high and escalating cost of gas, more people and businesses than ever shop Online. And more people are going back to their former home-based hobbies and crafts, such as electronics, to create fun and useful gadgets again. We have just the tech stuff you need - you don't have to waste your hard-earned money on grossly overpriced gas, meals, motels, etc. to enjoy yourself again. Do you not prefer spending a little of your money for tech stuff to create something really cool, useful and lasting, or spending a lot of your money on a costly and tiring vacation with only memories, trinkets and photos to show for it. Proudly create devices you can use and/or sell at profit to help offset those huge increases in energy and food - even devices to reduce your energy costs and increase your security.

Major Disadvantages of Buying from Online Auction Sites

We are just the messenger for the reasons listed below why corporate Online auction sites today are souring for both Buyers and Sellers. Online search reveals 1,000s of gripes against them, which you can easily verify for yourself using Online search engines. And we have our own experiences as evidence, which are also echoed by many other Sellers. Corporate Online auction sites are clearly no longer new, fashionable, cost effective, safe or interesting - the heyday of Online auction sites is ending. One major Online auction corporation recently announced layoffs of 10% of its employees - proof that Online auctions are on the downward slide. We believe that buyers and sellers are now so fed up with its despotic corporate regulations, fee gougings and pandering to criminal interests that they were and are still fleeing this auction site by the droves. We believe that this is just the beginning of its layoffs, and that 10 years from now, it intends to become a major financial entity with its remnant auction business only a minor interest. We have no intentions of buying any Online auction corporation stocks nor do we own any.

One of the big disadvantages of corporate Online auction sites is that they charge fees - high and escatating fees - for both listing and selling. All of these high Seller fees must be passed on to Buyers because all Sellers must make a profit to stay in business. Just to stay in business, we had to charge more than what we would have liked because of the high cash fees we constantly paid, and these fees left us little room to offer special sales, negotiate prices and S/H, and consider special deals and bartering transactions with our many regular good customers. One major Online auction site requires its Sellers to accept only payments made through its banking houses (no checks or money orders allowed!), which charges Sellers a fee for each Item paid for - fees which its Sellers pass onto its Buyers. With all of the highly profitable simultaneous scams perpetrated by corporate Online auction houses, you've got to wonder why they are constantly laying off their people. Could it be that their Sellers and Buyers are finally sick and tired of being robbed, gouged and swindled by them!?

Another big disadvantage is that the Seller reaches a point that the corporate Online auction site has preempted so much of the control over his/her own business that the auction site itself increasingly becomes the real owner of the business. For example, most Online auction sites don't allow the listing of certain Items based on the site's politically-correct agenda, and control absolutely everything in the selling/buying process with an iron fist. While some Items we can't list because they are illegal, we are NOT constrained by a politically-correct agenda.

All Buyers want an honest and simple system of efficiently finding Items and then buying them at reasonable costs. They do not want to have to deal with a complex system which requires them to register, and then badgers them constantly with moving ads, emails, frivolous time-consuming demands, feedback responses, etc. Nor a system where a Search can require combing through 100s - even 1,000s (e.g. 425,000 sports card auctions recently on a major Online auction site!) - of similar Items to find even one that matches what they want in Item make, model, description, price, S/H and Seller. Nor a search system which requires them to configure a complex Boolean search equation for every sought Item if they even hope to narrow down the finds to a practical amount to manually search through out of the 100,000s - millions of total Items in the auction site pot, 95+% having nothing to do with sought Item. Nor a system where every Seller uses a different format, where every Item requires going to a different webpage, and where every purchase requires a separate search, purchase, transaction, payment, accounting and tracking. Furthermore, many Online auction Sellers describe things so confusingly, deceptively, incompletely and/or incorrectly that Buyers are often misled or confused about what they are actually buying. For example, how many Online auction sales (especially electronics) have you seen where the pig-in-a-poke Seller doesn't list and refuses to describe upon inquiry all the items in the box or bundle he/she sells? Makes us believe that much of what Online auctions sell is stolen merchandise and/or phonied-up near-worthless trash. In fact, one major corporate Online auction site apparently sells so much counterfeit goods that it is sued by major corporations. No mystery why Buyers today are migrating away from the old, stale, slow, costly, dishonest, inefficient and bureaucratic corporate Online auction sites to the newer, fresher and much simpler Online Superstores such as our ABQ-Techzonics tech superstore.

And to become a corporate Online auction site Buyer, the site requires you to divulge all kinds of personal and private information about yourself - information that the corporate auction site profitably sells or distributes to its numerous and unknown 'global partners' which keep constant track of your 'buying habits.' And when you visit their websites, they load up your computer with all kinds of Internet tracking cookies (i.e. spyware) and perhaps other malware - they totally invade your privacy! If you were in a mall and a mall official followed you around to every store you shopped, looked over your shoulder, recorded everything on a clipboard you looked at and bought, and informed you that he/she was going to sell your personal data to his/her "global partners," claiming that he/she is doing you a big favor to help direct more relevant ads to you, would you not be very angry? Then why should you tolerate Online auction and mall site officials to do that very same thing to you through their tracking cookies and other malware! Why should you buy or sell at a company which disrespects and exploits you! As long as your intentions are legal, your payment doesn't bounce and you are no threat to us, ABQ-Techzonics does not care who you are, does not sell or distribute your personal information to anyone, and it never places any kind of malware on your computer.

MALWARE ALERT: Even if an Online auction site is itself rated as "safe" by your antivirus program and by Google or other search engine, the images and links carried by some of their various global Sellers may be infected with malware - click to enlarge any of their images or links and your computer gets infected! With ABQ-Techzonics, you deal with only one Seller - us - and we never deposit malware of any kind on your computer - not even cookies. And because popular Online auction sites carry member credit and debit card and SSN data, hacking attempts by numerous hackers are constantly being launched against them, and against their members as they log into their Online auction accounts.

The former CEO of a major corporate Online auction site - born and raised in the USA - recently disclosed that she had not voted in any election in the last several decades! That's because her entire loyalty is devoted to her, 'global partners' - we all know who those are! John Williams, CEO of ABQ-Techzonics, is a Disabled American Veteran who honorably served our Country during a time of war, risked his life and health along with all of his buddies to defend our freedoms, and you have rich, self-serving jerks like this who spit on their great sacrifices! Its lowlife like this who, along with her people, will sell you out to their foreign masters in a heartbeat, can never be trusted with your personal information, and will do everything possible to swindle you.

Our ABQ-Techzonics webpages are clean, clear, consistently formatted, easy-to-read, banner ads free, pop-up ads free, and malware-free. Many of our images have 2+ times the resolution plus 2+ times the area of the small, grainy images you get from some Online auction sites. And our Item descriptions are more detailed and comprehensive than typical of Online auction site Item descriptions. More information is available for small electronic components (especially ICs, transistors, diodes) through electronic datasheets and electronic databases for integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, etc.

And unlike Online auction sites, ABQ-Techzonics does not try to blast you with ads filled with moving or garish images which harass you every page you visit.

Yet another big disadvantage of corporate auction sites is the inability of Sellers being able to optimally maintain their description pages and to optimally deal with multiple-item purchases and unusual situations - little or no flexibility to do anything to optimize your business beyond description page formatting. We find that it typically takes us less than 50% of our time to place and maintain an Item listing on one of our ABQ-Techzonics webpages than it does on an Online auction site, and we don't have to relist after every sale - saving us more time. Time is money, so all Sellers must pass on all of this wasted time and relisting fees in the form of more price increases to their Buyers. For Online auction sites, the amount of time that Sellers have to waste trying to deal with the often arbitrary and capricious whims of site managers is often great - all wasted-time costs which Sellers must also pass on to their Buyers. If you are considering selling on eBay, I will relate to you a bad experience I had as a 10-year eBay Seller, which clearly demonstrates that eBay not only does not give a hoot about its Sellers but also abuses them and how clearly despotic and self-serving eBay is with its Seller policies: I listed 7 wires and cables on eBay, which took me a half day research to determine their wire/cable properties and fair prices and about another half day to photograph and list on eBay, selling each wire/cable type by the foot for less than $1/ft plus S/H. Nobody orders a foot of wire/cable - selling this wire at hamfests, the shortest order I ever got was one for 5 feet - typical order was 20 feet. At the time, Ebay adopted an asinine policy forbidding Items being sold on it for less than $1. Ebay then - without any kind of notice or warning - deleted my 7 wire Item pages from my eBay Store of about 1200 Items - claiming that I was trying to evade their Final Value fees. I repeatedly asked eBay to allow me to download the removed pages so that I could modify them to bring up each price to over $1 by selling the wire/cable in 2- to 5- lengths. Ebay refused to download my deleted pages or to allow me any other access to them or even the Item descriptions and images. If you sell on eBay and eBay does not seriously damage you, I would be shocked! All you have to do is Google for eBay complaints and set aside perhaps 3 weeks to read many of them to see just how many eBay Seller complaints about eBay and how very serious many eBay complaints are.

Yet another big disadvantage is the vulnerability of Online auction site Sellers to crooked Buyers and pranksters. For example, we had to limit the number of Items any Buyer could buy from us on eBay to 10 items to prevent pranksters from Buying 100+ Items at a time and not paying for them, resulting in fees and relisting costs - which Online auction site Sellers also pass on to their Buyers. With ABQ-Techzonics, if a customer places an order, he/she pays for it in advance and we ship after payment clearance - we are only out the time to reserve inventories until payment clears - which is zero clearance period for customers who pay by PayPal, Western Union or Postal M.O. Also, big corporate Online auction sites are so rigid and bureaucratic these days that they have made Sellers vulnerable to crooked Buyers who extort and steal money and Items from them - high crime costs Sellers must also pass onto their subsequent Buyers. We know of at least 10 tricks that Buyers use on corporate Online auctions to rip-off expensive Items from Sellers with impunity. Swiss cheese has less holes in it than Online auctions!

The CEO of a major corporate Online auction site recently pontificated how he was going to convert for the near future his auction site from its flea market-like beginnings - which had made the site successful, fun, full of freedom and profitable for Buyers and Sellers alike for a decade - into a 'big mall' with even greater high prices, invasions of privacy, complexities, inefficiencies, hidden tricks, and limited selections typical of big government and big corporations - and you don't even get a food court!

Sellers must make a modest profit to stay in business, but you don't have to pay for the high profits of Online auction sites any longer! These days, no one has extra money to waste. Through ABQ-Techzonics, in business for 30+ years as Consumertronics, we are selling our Items cheaper and with more varieties than ever before, respecting your privacy, and with more versatility in reducing YOUR costs (Item prices + S/H) for good-customer quantity and multiple-Item orders. Check with us first. And tell your friends - spread the good word about ABQ-Techzonics!

And unlike Online auction sites and malls, ABQ-Techzonics can freely engage in pricing deals and bartering transactions with our good customers! Customers who have Items we want - especially small electronic parts, electronic test equipment, scientific equipment, precision tools, modern computer equipment, and some rare, antique, unusual and even weird Items - possibly even devices they build or assemble themselves - we will buy from or trade with them. Since we do much of our prototyping work here using DIP/DIL ICs and other electronic components with leads - even if we use and sell surface-mount versions of them - we are also interested in buying or trading for small electronic parts with leads. A transaction with ABQ-Techzonics can leave you both with Items you much need from ABQ-Techzonics and cash in your pockets! Interested in trading or selling Items with us? Then Contact Us: wizguru with a description of what you want to trade or sell with us, what you want for it, and your name and shipping address (put "Items to Trade/Sell Inquiry" in email Subject line) (please do not phone us). We are mostly interested in the types of Items we sell on this website. Do not ship anything to us unless and until you and us first come to a mutual agreement in writing. Tell your friends - they can benefit from this also. Whatever you do, do not trash electronic components without checking with us first.

Interested in ICs? Then it does not make logical sense for you to check out Online auctions before visiting ABQ-Techzonics because our selection of ICs is comparable (and growing) to the selection sold on even the biggest Online auction sites. And we are one-stop-shopping - no having to jump from webpage to webpage - no dealing with multitudes of different dealers, page formats, policies, transactions, payments, tracking and accounting - and we are willing to negotiate with you, you combine your orders to save much S/H, we permit and even encourage trading and local pickup / delivery, and we don't invade your privacy.

Thanks. Please return to our homepage: ABQ Techzonics. John J. Williams, M.S.E.E.

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