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Welcome to ABQ Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,components,parts,special materials,books,manuals,ebooks,software,collectibles,antiques, part of Consumertronics.net)

ABQ Techzonics
Albuquerque, NM


ABQ Techzonics rules! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,parts,components,special materials,books,ebooks,manuals,software,antiques,collectibles, part of Consumertronics.net)
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As a customer service, to provide our customers a good estimate of the amount of info in each of the Consumertronics.net books & manuals we sell herein, we use Estimated Word Count (EWC), and not the usual page counts other publishers may provide. Some publishers deceptively inflate page counts by grossly underfilling many of their pages - even counting blank pages! And while our pubs are mostly a comfortable 8.5"x11", page size of most books of others are less - 5"x7" being fairly typical (less than 1/3rd of our typical text area!). Clearly, a much more accurate estimate of content is word count. The simple format we use is: "words=xx.xK", where "xx.x" is the word count to its nearest 100 words (e.g. "words=9.8K" means, "Estimated word count of 9,800 words"). Most of our word counts result from a utility or plug-in provided by our desktop publishing program (e.g. Pagemaker). OUR EWCs ARE CONSERVATIVE: They do not include most words in graphics formats, expanded abbreviations and acronyms, disk text, index, ToC, cover page, and biblio., as applicable. We use "words=1.0+K" to mean an unestimated word count but known to exceed 1.0K (e.g. upcoming pubs). NOTE: We usually won't update EWCs for publication updates that change less than 10% in text, and large updates that delete much obsolete text may result in a better publication but with LESS words. Consumertronics sells information and does so comprehensively, concisely and precisely, with minimal BS and duplication. We try our best to provide you QUALITY information in detail - the biggest bang for your buck that we reasonably can. Thanks for selecting Consumertronics to meet your high-tech security and survival needs.

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