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Ebay's Shocking Sordid Ebola History!
Is "EBAY" Prophetic Play On" EBOLA"?

What is Your and Your Loved Ones Lives Worth?
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Why Online Auctions are Huge Risks for Spreading Diseases, Pests

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(This webpage first published 10/20/2014)

We are not just talking about your very high risks of losing money and personal identity and private data to Online auction site hackers and swindlers, nor receiving counterfeit or inferior knock-off goods from Online auctions - as very bad and risky these all are - nor Ebay's gross abuses of its own Ebay employees - nor Ebay honcho's slave master mentality towards Ebay Sellers especially* (see link above). We are talking about your clearly very high risks of becoming infected and losing your life and the lives of your loved ones from catching any one of numerous major DEADLY DISEASES** (Ebola Virus (aka Ebola Fever), SARS, flu, etc., see below), as well as dangerous pests hiding in the packaging, due to dealing with certain types of Online auction Sellers. Why? Because when you buy from big corporate global Online auctions, such as Ebay, Amazon.com, etc., the Items you buy come from numerous auction Sellers from all over the world - clearly mostly foreign countries (e.g. China, India, Pakistan, West African countries, etc.), some of whom are much more likely to be exposed to and thus transmit deadly disease germs (viruses, bacteria, molds, prions) and pests, and some of whom have very poor personal hygiene and sanitation practices. *Ebay mostly operates out of Salt Lake City. Being an Ebay Seller is like a woman being married to an ultra-abusive man - he regularly abuses her, has his partners abuse her, and robs her of her money, but she stays with him for the kids. No one wants to be treated like that! If you are considering selling your property on Ebay, please find some other way to sell your stuff - DO NOT FALL INTO EBAY'S TRAP. In addition, if you sell or have sold on Ebay, once the sordid historical relationship between Ebay and Ebola - resulting in Ebay's questionable real agenda - becomes widely known, your business could be painted with the Ebay/Ebola brush.

But first, learn about the shocking and sordid history of Ebay with Ebola. Do you know that when Ebay started in 1995, it was a tribute website for the then little-known deadly Ebola Virus? Pierre Omidyar - Ebay founder - started Ebay as an, 'offbeat tribute to Ebola Virus'. Back then, when you typed in "www.ebay.com", up came Ebay's home page - Omidyar's tribute to the Ebola Virus. Don't believe us? Research this yourself. Some say that Omidyar, of Iranian descent, named "Ebay" as a prophetic play on "Ebola." Some say that Omidyar put his Ebola homepage on Ebay to honor his medical researcher fiancee's work. Some say that Omidyar put his Ebola homepage on Ebay to promote both the spread and fear of Ebola to promote his fiancee's medical research company to make huge profits. Does Ebay have a secret agenda to infect the world with the Ebola Virus? Is this what some call the Ebay Conspiracy? We would like to know - please freely tell us. We do not believe that a person so extremely focused on a little-known deadly disease would have founded a global auction site catering to global sellers and products without knowing that he was creating a likely ideal vector for that deadly disease, and then calling it "Ebay" which closely resembles "Ebola".

I called Ebay Oct. 17, 2014, at 866-540-3229 (code 5267812), and talked to a "James", and asked him what Ebay's policy was on the Ebola Virus, and other related questions. Here's what "James" revealed to me:
          (1) Ebay has no Ebola Virus policy.
          (2) Ebay has no Ebola Virus response team.
          (3) Ebay has no restrictions on sales or Ebay Sellers from West Africa with Ebola Virus infections.
          (4) Ebay has no restrictions on Ebay Sellers who are or have been infected or quarantined by medical authorities because of Ebola Virus exposure.
          (5) Ebay has no restrictions on property being sold on Ebay that was exposed to anyone who is or has been infected or quarantined by medical authorities because of Ebola Virus exposure.

Ask Ebay to verify exactly what its Ebola policies are, and the names of its Ebola response team members and their specific duties to verify any Ebay claim whether or not it has either an Ebola policy or an Ebola response team. On Oct. 21, I called Ebay again, also at 866-540-3229 (code 8581374), and after several attempts, talked to both "Sean", and his supervisor, "Roy". I asked them both the same questions I did earlier to "James" about whether or not Ebay has an Ebola policy or an Ebola response team. Both consistently affirmed what "James" had revealed to me, as stated in (1) - (5) above. I then asked "Roy" that he needed to talk to Ebay's top management right away about Ebola because the Ebola virus is rapidly killing people. No comment from "Roy".

When somebody dies from an accident, what happens to their valuable personal property? Family and friends take most of it. Some is sold off, given away or thrown away, usually mostly locally. But when somebody dies from a deadly contagious disease like Ebola Virus, what happens to their once-valuable but now contaminated with blood, semen, feces, vomit, urine, mucous and/or saliva personal property*? In most cases, the family and friends will take little or none of it - no one wants to die. Since the community already knows about the cause of death, no or little local selling, giving away or even throwing away occurs; in some places, government workers will take it away. So what do the Ebola victims' families, for example, do with the great bulk of the contaminated property which would otherwise be worth a lot of money to them? Clearly, they sell much of it on global Online auctions. Heck, if Online auction corporations can be totally greedy, why not them? So clearly, your chances of being contaminated from buying from Online auctions is even much greater than if you bought the same items from your hometown thrift store. *We buy few used items from Ebay Sellers. In 2014, we bought a clamp tool from an Ebay Seller which arrived looking like both semen and blood on it; we promptly disposed of it away. Ebay Sellers seldom describe how dirty or contaminated their used items are, their images usually don't reveal much of it, and they refuse to answer questions. OVER LAST 5 YEARS: 97% of used items we bought from Ebay we have had to at least clean with strong solvents (usually alcohol), 23% were so dirty that we had to also steam clean them, and another 16% were so dirty and contaminated that we disposed of them with no or little handling at total loss to us. Ebay clearly has NO STANDARDS when it comes to the cleanliness of used Items sold thru Ebay!

Global Online auction websites are also perfect platforms for launching terrorist biological, chemical and radiological attacks against the United States and its allies. It is just a matter of time before ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Mujahidin, Communist Party, or some other of the countless terrorist groups uses the reckless disregard for public safety by the greedy global Online auction corporations to conduct massive orchestrated biological, chemical and/or radiological attacks against the United States and its allies. Almost certainly, this will happen - just a matter of when. Members of these terrorist groups don't mind blowing themselves up, so infecting 100s or even 1000s of Online auction sale items with bodily fluids from a one or a few dying Ebola patients would be no problem for them.

If you are an Online auction Buyer or Seller - especially Ebay, in view of Ebay's intimate and sordid historical connections to Ebola which appear to be prophetic - you need to call them and DEMAND a strict Ebola Virus policy and an Ebola Virus response team.

While many Ebay sellers claim to be USA, many of these are clearly foreign. We believe an excellent clue is no, inadequate or clumsy Ebay Item Description and/or email response, indicating that English is likely not there native language. There is much talk now of banning all travel from West Africa to the USA, recognizing that infected West Africans and their personal property can infect Americans here - already proven in Dallas, TX. Today, some U.S. airports now inspect West African travellers and their possessions. It makes just as much sense to also ban all products originating from West Africa or are exposed to West Africans or exposed to anyone else with Ebola Virus or other deadly contagious disease. Yet clearly, Ebay does nothing to protect Ebay Buyers from the deadly Ebola Virus and other deadly contagious diseases - not banning Items and not even having its people inspect the Items prior to shipment!

Nigeria now claims to be, "Ebola-free". If you believe that, we have 100s of emails from Nigeria which claim such things as you won the UK lottery, or your uncle - a Nigerian Minister/general/banker - died and left you $Millions. All you need to do is to send them a fee and your personal and bank account info. How many of these guys are also EBay Sellers? Hmmm.

The traditional newsmedia claims that the incubation period for the Ebola Fever Virus is 21 days after direct exposure to an Ebola victim's bodily fluids (e.g. blood, semen, vomit, feces, urine, saliva, mucous). Fact is that there are cases where the Ebola Disease did not manifest itself until more than 60 days after exposure dates. Who says that the Ebola Virus can't hide in the human and animal cells and tissues, and then suddenly burst out to infect victims months and even years later - similar to the HIV virus when it manifests itself as full-blown AIDS, and some other viruses? How many Typhoid Mary-like "Ebola Marys" are there? Or that the Ebola virus can't create chronic, low-grade illnesses over years and even lifetimes (e.g. fibromyalgia)? Or can't assist in the deadly machinations of other serious diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, ALS, Autism, ADHD, childhood cancers, etc. - all hugely increasing in last several decades due to, 'unknown reasons')? The newsmedia also claims that Ebola is difficult to catch - the Ebola victim must show symptoms first. Where are their proofs?

With most mail deliveries taking four days or less, it is clearly easy to catch the Ebola Virus from an infected Online auction seller who exposed his/her item to Ebola (or to any of many other highly-contagious deadly diseases or pests (see below), or to biological toxins or chemical toxins, or to radioactive materials) - especially when so many Online auction sellers ship their items filthy, which easily hides and preserves infected bodily fluids and other contaminations. Even relatively clean items typically have seams, crevices, parts intersections, surface roughness, depressions, holes, nooks, corners, etc. where toxic materials can be lurking. Frankly, we are not willing to risk our lives and the lives of our loved ones based upon ignorant, highly questionable and self-serving assurances by those whose agenda is not to protect public health but to stop panic. We also believe that the Ebola threat is much greater than what the Government and the traditional newsmedia claims it is, and that there is an Ebola conspiracy - the Ebola Virus Conspiracy - to spoon-feed the American people pablum to keep them calm when Americans should be screaming and running for the exits. Protect YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES from the Ebola Virus Conspiracy!

Global Online auctions and Online stores must be ordered to protect the public by having and strongly enforcing clear published policies which block all items and sellers from specific areas known to be contaminated with a deadly disease, pest, chemical and/or radioactive material - including areas within the United States (e.g. large parts of New Mexico are horribly contaminated with with biological dumps, chemical dumps and/or radioactive dumps). And to field rapid response teams. Global Online auctions and Online stores MUST themselves to be held fully legally liable to enforce banned Seller and Item originations, and also held legally liable for having trained and professional rapid response teams ready to spring into action. So far, all we have seen from global corporate Online auctions is reckless disregard for the health and welfare of Ebay Buyers, Ebay Sellers and the public in general - clear violations of national security.

Don't count on suing Ebay if you get Ebola Fever or any other contagious disease or pest from an item you buy on Ebay. Ebay's policies are so iron-clad that clearly even if Ebay's CEO rapes you in your shower, you have to pay for his legal defense plus you have made Ebay legally immune, and then you will lose.

Why are we, Techzonics.com, clearly much, much safer? TECHZONICS.COM is located soley in the USA and ships only from the USA, and is owned by a Disabled American Veteran and his wife. With Techzonics.com, you are dealing with only ONE SELLER for all your Items - a one-family business in which the same few people handle and process all of its orders for decades. Today, with Online auctions, you are likely dealing with dozens of different and ever-changing global Sellers plus their 100s of employees. Do the math yourself => 100s times more exposure = 100s times higher risks to diseases and pests. Plus the fact that most of our inventory have been in our stock for years and even decades (so mostly Made in USA and never exposed to these disease outbreaks and pests outbreaks) - long before most of these deadly diseases, illnesses and pests either existed or existed isolated in locations Techzonics.com won't deal with. And none of Techzonics.com people live in or travel to any risky foreign countries or engage in any other risky activity for these deadly infections and pests. And none of our people are exposed to poor personal hygiene or sanitation practices. Note that while many Sellers on Ebay and Amazon.com have U.S. addresses, many have no, or brief and/or poor Item Descriptions or email responses (likely due to poor English, laziness and/or ignorance) - big clue that they are likely foreign Items from foreign Sellers (also note that most of our Item Descriptions are detailed and comprehensive, so you know well what the Item is you are buying). Further, we clean and disinfect (using an alcohol-based cleaner), and lubricate (those Items with moving parts) the tools, equipment, and even the bubble packages (of new packaged items) sold by Techzonics.com. Some say you can't get diseases, like the Ebola Virus, from contact with unclean objects, but there are two nurses in Dallas (Nurse Nina Pham, Nurse Amber Vinson - both contracted Ebola while nursing infected Liberian Thomas Duncan - in their hazmat outfits).

While no company can guarantee that anything they sell is germ-free and pest-free, the simple fact is that the risks to you and your loved ones of buying from Techzonics.com is clearly tiny compared to the risks of buying similar Items from Sellers on Ebay, Amazon.com or other global Online auctions and stores with numerous foreign originations - especially those with possible secret agendas.

Please also tell your family and friends to buy from Techzonics.com because you also care about their safety just as we do! And warn them about the high risks and dangers of the global Online auction sites. In fact, tell EVERYONE you come into direct contact with. Your contact's Ebola infection today could be your Ebola infection tomorrow! Right now, please Save, Print, Bookmark, Link-to and Repost this webpage, and tell your family and friends! LATER AVAILABILITY OF THIS WEBPAGE IS NOT GUARANTEED!

SIDE NOTE: Aside from Ebay's buggy software, Ebay Feedback system is clearly a fraud perpetrated by Ebay primarily against its Sellers. That's because Ebay Feedback "statistics" are clearly statistically invalid because Ebay applies different Feedback Rules to Sellers and Buyers, and much of the feedback has no factual basis. Most Ebayers are likely both Sellers and Buyers. Ebay Sellers cannot leave Negative Feedback or Neutral Feedback to Ebay Buyers - no matter how crooked their Ebay Buyers are. Therefore, regardless of how crooked they are, those who only buy on Ebay will always be guaranteed to have a 100% positive feedback ratings because enough Ebay Sellers will provide them positive feedback in hopes of getting positive feedback in return. With Ebay's clearly fraudulent feedback system, plus several of other outrageous Ebay practices, how Ebay execs have not been charged under Federal RICO and state RICO and Ebay shut down by now is a total mystery to us.

Again, you do not want YOU - and anyone else you care about or exposed to - to be the first people to get the Ebola Virus - or any other deadly disease germs (viruses, prions, bacteria, molds) or dangerous pests, chemicals or radioactivity - from Online auction site sellers! For sure, an Online auction site will soon be linked to major disease outbreak (listed below) or pest outbreak - likely Ebola Fever - or biological, chemical or radiological attack, IF it has not already happened and is just being covered up.

Before buying anything - please always check with Techzonics.com first!

For more reasons why you definitely should NOT shop on Online auctions => Superstores Beat Online Auctions

**MAJOR RECENT EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS: Ebola Virus (Ebola Fever), other hemorrhagic fevers, HIV/AIDS, West Nile Virus (encephalitis virus), Swine Flu (H1N1), Bird Flu (Avian Flu, H7N9), SARS, Enterovirus, Leishmaniasis, Coronavirus, Chikungunya Virus, etc. Plus major modern outbreaks of old deadly diseases and illnesses, including Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Typhus, Small Pox, Dysentery, Tuberculosis (TB), Flesh-Eating Bacteria (necrotizing fasciitis), Sepsis, Hepatitis, Polio, Menningitis, Whooping Cough, likely some Cancer types, etc. Many of these have no known medical cures nor even effective drugs, medicines or other medical treatments.
          And not only do Online auctions greatly increase their buyers' risks to these deadly contagious diseases and infections, but also to chemical toxins and radioactive contaminations, of which these greedy and reckless global corporate Online auctions also clearly do absolutely nothing to prevent, stop, minimize or mitigate

On Oct. 27, 2014, I filed the following official complaint with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA:


I am an Ebay Seller and Buyer for about 15 years, selling to and buying from both US and foreign Ebayers. Global Online Auctions (GOAs) cater to small sellers and buyers on global basis, some of which have very poor personal hygiene and very bad sanitation practices, and come from areas with one or more deadly epidemics are ongoing. Millions of GOA items enter into the US every year with little or no inspections or testing for diseases and pests. As an Ebay Buyer, about 97% of used items I buy arrive dirty and require immediate cleaning. About 23% are so dirty that I must steam clean them before using them. About 16% are so dirty and contaminated - often what looks like bodily fluids - that I must dispose of them. With all of the deadly contagious diseases now in play globally - Ebola plus dozens more - plus dangerous pests, GOAs have become a huge concern to me. And must be to you.

In fact, I called Ebay twice to discuss my concerns with them, and three Ebay employees, including a supervisor, admitted that Ebay has no policy whatsoever to protect Ebay buyers from deadly diseases and pests resulting from their Ebay purchases, AND Ebay does not have a rapid response team to deal with any such crisis should one come up! For example, while Ebay determines to the penny what the shipping charges are from and to any place on the planet, Ebay refuses to keep track of disease- and pest-ridden areas to block its sellers and items from those areas on a real time basis.

By far, biological contamination is not the only issue. There are also the questions about chemical contamination and radiological contamination. And the threat of terrorists launching attacks against the US and its allies using GOA-shipped packages.

Consider this: When a person dies of some contagious deadly disease, what happens to their valuable stuff? Family and friends don't want it - nobody wants to die. Their community knows what they died from, so donating or even throwing it away cannot be done. In some places, their government workers pick up the stuff and may or may not burn it. But not in every place and with every disease or pest. Very likely that many of them are selling their once valuable now contaminated stuff on GOAs. Out of sight - out of mind - with quick cash into the pockets.

You probably don't know this, but when Ebay was founded in 1995, Ebay was NOT founded as an Online auction site. In fact, Ebay was founded by an Iranian as an EBOLA TRIBUTE WEBSITE! Verify this for yourselves. In fact, the name, "Ebay", was clearly chosen as a play on, "Ebola". Does Ebay have in fact a secret agenda that Ebay is now springing onto all of us? This should be thoroughly investigated.

Please immediately investigate and act upon GOA threats to the health and welfare of the United States, and to our National Security, AND take whatever immediate actions are needed to stop GOAs from risking the US to biological, chemical and radiological contaminations.

Please take drastic action NOW - before some horrible epidemic or pest invasion, chemical or radiological contamination arrives here in an Ebay package, if it not already has arrived. I do not want to have to tell the CDC that I told you so. The risks and dangers are real, extremely bad and now present - so please take drastic action NOW!

Also, please immediately provide me whistleblower protections and privileges, all that there is."

I never got a response from The Centers For Disease Control to this my officially filed complaint with them. The time will come - likely soon - that the newsmedia will finally admit to and start reporting the global spreading of contagious diseases by Global Online Auctions. Will the CDC then excuse itself in the typical Government fashion of, "... we dropped the ball...", "... we missed the boat...", "... it fell between the cracks..." or similar idiotic excuses for their laziness and gross lack of real concern for the health and welfare of the American people? How are you going to feel then that the CDC refused to act on this dire warning? What if one of your loved ones dies because of a GOA-spread contagion? Is it worth for you and your loved ones to buy from risky Online Auction sellers?

Thanks. Please return to our homepage: ABQ Techzonics. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

P.S.: We are very interested in obtaining the contact phone numbers and extensions of the various popular Online auction sites, such as Ebay phone numbers and Amazon.com phone numbers, as we are considering republishing this listed data on this site sometime in the future. We already have some contact Ebay phone numbers and extensions, but they may be old numbers, so we need new Ebay phone numbers and Amazon.com phone numbers. You may provide us this data - or any other data - about Online auction sites - Ebay, Amazon.com, others - anonymously if you wish, just as long as the data is factual to the best of your knowledge and beliefs and relates to the fair or unfair treatment of their Buyers and Sellers, and document if possible. Thanks. John

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