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Welcome to ABQ Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,components,parts,special materials,books,manuals,ebooks,software,collectibles,antiques, part of Consumertronics.net)

ABQ Techzonics
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ABQ Techzonics rules! (high tech devices,hardware,equipment,parts,components,special materials,books,ebooks,manuals,software,antiques,collectibles, part of Consumertronics.net)
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Please do not confuse ABQ Techzonics with entities with similar-sounding names. There are 1000s of fine companies and institutions with "tech," "tek," "techno," "sonics" or "zonics" in their names, several with names close to ours. We are ABQ Techzonics of Albuquerque (ABQ), New Mexico, USA, Online Technology Superstore (Online Tech Superstore). ABQ Techzonics is an American company (solely based in the United States) and owned by a Disabled American Veteran and his wife (employs U.S. workers). ABQ Techzonics primarily selling small electrical parts / electronic parts (e.g. integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, rectifiers, diodes, opticals, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors, crystals, displays, semsors, transducers, connectors, fuses, wire/cable), electronic test equipment, other electronic equipment / electrical equipment and scientific and industrial equipment, tools, parts and special materials. We also buy and trade these same types of items (Trade & Buy Offers). ABQ Techzonics is located in Albuquerque, NM only - our Tech Superstore is not located in any other State or country. We do not manufacture anything we sell. We don't fabricate PC boards or populate them. We don't research, design, develop or install sound systems. We are strictly an high-tech Online Superstore - we don't have a store like Radio Shack, Best Buy or Circuit City open to the public, nor any public display of our merchandise.

We are a large and growing high-tech Online Superstore: We have 1,000,000 ICs (1,000 different IC part #s, most ICs not listed yet). Plus we have 1,000,000 other electronic parts and electromechanical parts - transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, displays, relays, etc. (Note: most of our electronic parts are not yet listed). Plus we have tons of non-electronic and electronic equipment, tools, components, industrial equipment, special materials, general hardware, crafts, weird items, books, collectibles, etc. to meet your needs be they business or professional (commercial, shop, industrial, scientific, laboratory), or personal (home, hobbies, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.). As we are constantly listing new tech stuff and expanding, please regularly visit our ABQ Techzonics Superstore website, bookmark this site, print it out, save it, and tell your friends!


When it comes to electronic parts in particular, we believe that some of the big sellers have been pulling a fast one on everyone for decades now. They claim that if you do not buy from them, there is a high probability that the electronic parts you buy will be counterfeit or of lesser quality. They do this to frighten you into buying their grossly overpriced electronic parts. Big Buyers from them are the Government (DOD, DOE, NASA, DARPA, etc. buy tons of electronic parts every year), big corporations, and universities. And they make these clearly false claims without providing any credible evidence in our opinion that the electronic parts they sell are in any way superior to the electronic parts which most smaller sellers like us sell. We observe NEDA Standards (National Electronic Distributors Association) in the handling of our electronic parts, but have no way of knowing whether or not the big sellers also observe NEDA Standards although they routinely give lip service to the NEDA Standards.
          Even their definition of "counterfeit electronic parts" is misleading. For example, big sellers include in their definition both socket pulls of genuine ICs which have been cleaned up, and electronic parts made in the same Asian factories by the same people using the same machines, standards, materials and designs while moonlighting off-the-books. Socket pulls of genuine ICs are still genuine ICs, although they should never be used in new equipment unless both fully disclosed and individually tested. Off-the-books ICs made by the same factories, people, equipment, standards, materials and designs as their normal ICs, we believe must also be considered genuine ICs. Counterfeit ICs are those made by back-alley factories using inferior equipment, standards, materials or designs, or made by poorly trained workers, and also include new or used ICs which are repainted and stamped with more expensive part numbers. Counterfeits can be snuck into the distribution system virtually anywhere.
          Almost all electronic parts these days come from the factories of Pacific Rim countries which neither our Government nor the big sellers have any significant control over, much less the often complex supply lines their electronic parts travel through from their factories to you. Fact is, these big sellers of electronic parts who frighten gullible buyers into grossly overpaying for their highly marked-up electronic parts do not have inspectors in each of these factories carefully inspecting every part that pops off the assembly lines, nor at each distributor or warehouse in the supply chain standing guard over them, nor do they test every part that they sell (if they sample-test, where do they publish their verifiable results?). Neither do we, nor our Government, nor any industry association, nor anyone else we know of.
          We lost our trust in the big sellers years ago, after some bad experiences as their hapless customer victims. For example, we ordered LM566 ICs from one we call here, "D-K", a famous electronic parts and tools seller. LM566 ICs were expensive even then (and very rare today) - especially from the big sellers. We got ICs all right - but they all had proprietary part #s on them. We sample tested them, and they were not LM566. Our testing indicated that they were probably cheapo 7400 ICs (worth about 5% as much). We complained to D-K. They (employees who did not even know what LM566 ICs were) insisted that they had sent us the correct parts, and refused to refund our money. In another case, we bought some colored heatshrink tubing from another one, we call here, "MS", another famous electronic parts seller. The heatshrink tubing we got from MS was terrible - made of some inflexible brittle plastic that crushed in your fingers and barely shrunk. Worth less than what a dead mouse is worth. Bad experiences like these with the big sellers were a major reason why we thereafter bought our own electronic parts from reliable sources - never again from big sellers. Frankly, we found that the electronic parts we purchased from the smaller sellers - many from respected labs and universities - were not only far less costly, but also more reliable and higher quality.
          Most products of all types today come from the Pacific Rim countries - China by far the biggest supplier (China is also reported to be the biggest producers of some counterfeit products). For example, 80% of the ingredients which go into prescription drugs Americans consume are NOT produced in the USA - mostly made in India and China - and recent scandals in fake and low-quality meds prove that even the "genuine" factories often cheat. 10+ years ago, your toothpaste tube said, "Made in America by..."; today it says, "Distributed by..." - that's because even personal hygiene products these days are made virtually entirely overseas, often by unregulated or poorly regulated factories. Another good example are handtools. When handtools were made in the U.S., they were mostly very high quality. But "genuine" foreign-made handtools these days are virtually all junk in comparison. Finicky crafts people like us - who know the difference - highly value their increasingly scarce vintage Made-In-USA tools, and seldom touch a foreign-made tool. In fact, we make some of our own tools. Since virtually all electronic parts these days are made overseas in unregulated factories and reach the USA through unregulated distribution systems, no one can guarantee that their electronic parts are superior to all others.
          WHY ABQ TECHZONICS IS BETTER: When it comes to how much you can trust ABQ Techzonics over these big overpriced electronic parts sellers, consider that much of the electronics parts we buy and resell were obtained as new surplus from Los Alamos, Sandia Labs, University of New Mexico, and the huge Intel plant in Rio Rancho, NM (Note to electronic parts sellers, especially labs, universities and Government agencies: We are in the market to buy your new surplus electronic parts, so always keep us on your lists). It is reasonable for us to assume that these high-tech entities certainly sample-test their electronic parts for rigid quality control (much under Milspec standards) and that they are genuine electronic parts, and that they return-to-seller or trash any parts which are not in spec (note that while even genuine parts can be out of spec and counterfeit parts can be in spec, the opposite is usually the case). For example, these labs might buy 1,000 of a certain IC, but use only 755; they know it is better for them to sell the 245 new ICs they no longer need as new electronic parts surplus than to keep them on their shelves forever or fill up landfills. Further, there is one major check that we do that clearly none of these big parts sellers do: When we get in a lot of new electronic parts, in many cases we separate out that portion of it for our own laboratory uses, and then sell that portion we don't need. Clearly, there is no better quality control tests for parts than by using them in actual functioning real world circuits. From our suppliers, we have rarely detected bad electronic parts, but the few times that we have, we immediately pulled them out of both our lab inventory and sales inventory, and raised hell with the seller. While neither we nor the big electronic parts sellers can guarantee that every electronic part sold is a good genuine electronic part, we believe that the probability that an electronic part from us is a good genuine electronic part well into spec is much higher than the same grossly overpriced part from any of the big parts sellers who never use any of their parts in real circuits but just act as overpriced middlemen.

Please return to our homepage: ABQ Techzonics. Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

HIGH-TECH EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALISM: Many "high-tech business" owners and their employees today are clearly woefully ignorant of the high technologies they sell (including some giant electronic parts houses!). ABQ Techzonics of Albuquerque, NM, USA, is owned by John Williams, M.S.E.E. Mr. Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed EMSCO); Professor of Computer Science (New Mexico State University (NMSU)); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force); Health Physicist (National Institutes of Health (NIH)), etc. Williams is also currently President of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and CEO of Consumertronics.net. While we don't know everything about everything tech (no one does), we have a high level of expertise. We sell a lot of electronic components / electrical components. Most of these electronic components / electrical components are small electronic parts / electrical parts, such as integrated circuits, optical devices, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors, displays, switches, relays, crystals, oscillators, transducers, sensors, prototyping, connectors, fuses, wire/cable, power components, etc., as well as some larger electronic parts / electrical parts and electronic test equipment, scientific equipment and industrial equipment / parts, electrical equipment / electronic equipment in general, tools, mounting hardware parts, and special materials. And we also buy and trade these types of items (Trade & Buy Offers). And unlike most electrical / electronic components sellers, many of the electrical / electronic component, etc. lots we buy we set aside some of the electrical / electronic parts, etc. for our own electronic projects and research. We sell those electrical / electronic parts, etc. we don't use. Our suppliers know that if their electrical / electronic parts, electronic test equipment, etc. aren't excellent, good chance we will discover it and they'll hear about it!

ABQ TECHZONICS (Albuquerque, NM) SELLS, BUYS & TRADES: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, ELECTRONIC PARTS, ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Varistors, Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Speakers, Relays, Switches, Actuators, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Thermistors, Crystals, Oscillators, Sensors, Transducers, Optoelectronics, Prototyping, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Pins, Wires, Cables, Displays, Photo, Video, Laser, RF, Microwave, Electronic Modules, Power Adapters, Power Supplies, other Electronic Parts / Electronic Components / Electronic Subassemblies / Electronic Assemblies. EQUIPMENT, DEVICES: Electronic Test Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Mechanics Tools, Precision Tools, Tool Chests. MORE TECH STUFF: Commercial/Industrial/Scientific/Laboratory Valves, Fittings, Hardware Parts, Mechanical Parts, Supplies, Special Materials, Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Radionics, Crafts, Hobbies, Strange & Unusual, Religious & Spiritual, Books, Manuals, Software, Collectibles.

SOURCES OF ITEMS ABQ TECHZONICS SELLS: Surplus, online auctions, hamfests, private sales, business moving sales, overstocks, job lots, wholesale lots, estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops, charity auctions, flea markets, hardware trades, abandoned storage, lost & found property sales, discontinued items, obsolete items, warehouse inventory updates, excess inventories, liquidations, business closures and out-of-business sales, foreclosure sales, bankruptcies, government auctions / government sales, new salvage sales, and other sources for integrated circuits (ICs), electronic parts / electronic components, hardware, special materials, etc., Albuquerque, NM area preferred but will buy from anywhere. ABQ Techzonics is both a wholesale sellers/wholesale traders/wholesale buyers and retail sellers/retail traders/retail buyers, largely depending on quantity.

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